As long as you’re Grant, get me a 7-Up


Old joke. But anyway, 5 Grant Avenue, Old Greenwich has just been listed for $1.995 million. Old (1924) house, completely renovated with new heating and a/c mechanicals, kitchen, baths and so forth. Detached garage, but what do you expect for under $2 million? $854 per square foot if you take its full asking price and divide it by the 2,300 sq. feet listed (I do hope that figure doesn’t include the garage). I suppose that if you figure $1 million for the land, $427 per sq. foot for the actual building is reasonable.

I suppose. Old Greenwich makes the back country look cheap.

Update: Geeze, who knew? This old George Price cartoon is available on Google Images.


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11 responses to “As long as you’re Grant, get me a 7-Up

  1. Rivman

    no bedroom pictures. must be small upstairs.

  2. future

    what happens to a house when the people leave and did not pay taxes or mortgage for 6 mo. does a realtor put it on market or do you get a shot at offering old lender a low price.

  3. Anonymous

    Chris: for your readers, you should go find a listing in back-country for $1.995 million and do an objective compare and contrast with this house, including all the wonderful things that come with being close to town . . .

    • yeah yeah yeah – I get it or rather, buyers get it, and that’s what counts, isn’t it? Still, even you might admit that 20 years ago the idea that a house on Grant might fetch $2 million dollars sometime in the future was preposterous. But there you have it – markets change. I’m confident you’ll get close to this one’s asking price, given recent comparables, and I think you priced it well.
      It’s still a head scratcher, though.

  4. Fred2

    I have to admit that the joke completely mystifies me, I must be missing some crucial iota of cultural context.

    • Old, old whiskey ad was “As long as you’re up, get me a Grants”. It was a popular enough campaign that the New Yorker’s George Price did a reversal. How long ago was that? Heck I don’t know, but I remember being a very small boy when someone give the cartoon to my father as a birthday gift so if I was 5 or 6, 1958/ Somewhere around then.
      And you’re quite right – without that tidbit of cultural context, the joke is completely meaningless. I just saw the address, remembered the cartoon and couldn’t help myself.
      UPDATE: 1962, and earlier.

  5. Xyzzy

    I think if you look you will see that the empty lot next door just sold. Should make the compare easy😉

  6. Xyzzy

    Also didn’t 16 Grant sell for more than 3 million?

  7. Fred2

    Thanks for the context!