Neighbor to neighbor?


A builder’s dream

94 Doubling Road is reported as selling for $7.650 million after just two days on the market. I must have missed it or it was never really on at all. Interesting price, because it sold for $6.745 million in 2004 and the listing makes no mention of any improvements done to it since then. If not, then this is a very odd phenomenon – prices have not even recovered to 2004 levels, let alone surpassed them. Mystery.


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5 responses to “Neighbor to neighbor?

  1. CatRocker

    Those wallpapers….my eyes…..

  2. Anon

    I smell a rat. It could be a sale at a higher tax basis and swapping it for a similarly high priced house in town.

  3. anonymous

    You know, there was a time when deals like this would be buried in Town Hall and no one would know. Now with the internet there is a lot more transparency. Anyone can easily go on and see who the owners are, when they bought it, how much they paid and from whom. If you’re really curious about the place, call the owners Robert and Samantha Moro and ask them what’s up?

  4. anonymous

    Nah, actually, I don’t care. If they were smart they would have bought it or sold it in a trust with Lorraine Slavin, Esq., trustee, like every other shyster in town does.