Price cuts

3 Cherry Blossom Lane

3 Cherry Blossom Lane, way up on the Bedford border, is as of today asking $4.795 million. The builder wanted $7.995  in 2008, but want and get are different things. An old Antares leftover, I believe.

25 Woodside Dr

And in Milbrook, 25 Woodside Drive is now $2.9 million. It too started high, back in 2007, when it was priced at $4.995. I don’t know the right price for this property but a $2 million reduction must surely have brought it closer to whatever that number is.


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5 responses to “Price cuts

  1. I drive by this house with some frequency and find it sadly humorous that Antares thought so highly of these houses that a Gate House was erected for the fancy pants owners. As you can guess, the gate house has no attendant and even the likes of us Bedford residents can drive right in. Imagine the horror. The two other houses in this cul-de-sac are not unattractive but there’s barely any landscaping so they look forlorn and long for a buyer. You ought to take a road trip one day when you want to waste gasoline.

  2. Why Can't I Afford Greenwich?

    The description is not quite correct. The house is not finished, there are no appliances, it appears the electricity has been off for a long while, etc. I am not sure I could take this project on for much, much less. This home is the best example of the bursting of the real estate bubble.

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful old tudor on the lake. It’s gone in a week.

    • Well, for 2000 days (June, 2007) and counting, buyers have failed to see that beauty, but perhaps you’re right – that would come as a relief to its owners, I’m sure.