Solving the mortgage mess, one house at a time



Come and get it!

20 Livingstone Livington Place, over in Chickahominy, I believe (west of Greenwich Avenue it’s all Chinatown, Jake), sold for $700,000 in 2002, was foreclosed on last month by Bank of America and immediately relisted for $319,000. Reports a sale contract after just seven days.

UPDATE: A reader steered me to the listing, and here’s my question: who loaned $700,000 on this in 2002 and why aren’t they in jail?


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3 responses to “Solving the mortgage mess, one house at a time

  1. It’s “Livingston” Place, not Livingstone. I had a basement apartment on that street right after I graduated from college. Once I figured out that NYS was going to tax me no matter where I lived as long as I was working in the city I moved to Westchester.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG! This place is a disaster, it must be a cash land sale. Gideon posted it awhile ago here:

    Click the link for the 8 multi-family listings.