Time for a re-run

A friend and fellow realtor tells me that she’s suddenly receiving lots of calls from homeowners eager to have her list their house. Af first she was flattered but after meeting with several of them and learning what price they expected to receive, she realized that these people had been turned down by more experienced agents and were turning to her, figuring she was too inexperienced to know or too hungry to care that she was never going to get their price, no matter how much time she wasted on the effort. Hungry, perhaps, but she’s not stupid, so she sent them packing (in a figurative sense only – these people aren’t going anywhere soon).

I assume those would-be sellers will keep on their quest until they find some dolt willing to agree with them that the Greenwich market is back at 2007 levels, if not higher, but while we wait for those houses to appear on the market, here’s a cartoon I ran last year – it’s still applicable.


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2 responses to “Time for a re-run

  1. That cartoon was funny


  2. Peg

    How did you get an interview with one of my potential (NOT!) clients?!?