Two sales


112 Indian Head Road

112 Indian Head Road, two lots, one house, sold for $5.3 million. Pretty steep, but not as steep as its original asking price of $7.250, 675 days ago. I’ve had occasion to remark on this home’s pricing decision over the years as it lingered and as I recall, those comments weren’t entirely favorable.

9 Knoll Street, also in Riverside, sold in just seven days, for $2.335 million on a price of $2.395. Different price league than 112 Indian, but pricing close to a home’s actual value seems to produce a speedier sale. Just a suggestion, naturally.


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2 responses to “Two sales

  1. Anonymous

    112 IH price is mostly land? It seems steeper than 2007 price.

    • It’s two separate lots with a house. Buyer could be planning to keep all the land as is and renovate the house or put up two new ones; I don’t have a clue which of those options he’ll choose, but $2.650 per lot wouldn’t be an unthinkable price to pay for this location. The sellers mistake in their original pricing, I think, was believing that their beautiful old house had value. Sadly, in this market, it really doesn’t, and this property’s value was entirely based on the cost of land.