Pretty much what I’ve been thinking

Peter Schiff: Drive the bus off the fiscal cliff and cheer while it falls.

Stripped of its rhetorically charged language the fiscal cliff is simply a legal trigger that will trim the deficit in 2013 by automatically implementing spending cuts and tax increases. In other words, the government will spend less, and more of what it does spend will be paid for with taxes rather than debt. Isn’t this exactly what both parties, and the public, more or less want? The fiscal cliff means that the federal budget deficit will be immediately cut in half, shrinking to approximately $641 billion in 2013 from the approximately $1.1 trillion in 2012. What is so terrible about that? I would argue that there is a greater danger in avoiding the cliff than driving over it.

Of course, Congress will do no such thing. Instead it will renege on its word, paper over the whole mess and shove it all over to 2022 or later. This will be praised as bi-partisanship by regressives and Republicans alike and the nation and the media will return its attention to more important matters, such as the Kardashians.


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11 responses to “Pretty much what I’ve been thinking

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I think you may need to move to San Francisco.
    What do you think, Mary?
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    He’s got a really good point. What I like more is the new word that I learnt today; ‘regressives’, so true!

  3. Anonymous

    Unions say yes to: bury the wires!
    Do-nothing government bureaucrats say yes to: bury the wires!

    People who know better say: It’s your money, and your kids’ money, do what you want.

    Fudrucker, Malloy, et. al.: More graft, more corruption, more stealing from children to give to our union cronies today! Let’s get started!

  4. Anonymous

    Oops, above post meant for: Bury the Wires.

  5. They say it will cause a recession but really I am with you we really don’t know if it will cause one or not and I am sick of the republican bullshit lets jump off and by the way it is a slope not a cliff the changes are implemented over several years

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Were it not for all of the Kalifornicators, California would be a magnificent place to live.

  7. Anonymous

    @LA, the worst part of is that most Kalifornicators are rejects from the other “56 states”, including Madame Pelosi.

    Orange County is the only conservative coastal county in the state (even San Diego voted for Obama this time around), but once you get away from the coast and the capital, it’s a pretty red state.

    Here’s the county breakdown for this Presidential election.
    Some counties voted nearly 70% for Romney but then they’re overwhelmed by the nuts in SF who voted 83% for Obama.

  8. Peg

    Depends upon which day you catch me. This is the “let’s hit bottom” viewpoint – and – many days, I think, “Yes; bring it on!”

  9. Xyzzy

    There is little chance that we go over the cliff in any meaningful way. We might go over for a few weeks in order to give the Republicans cover to raise taxes ( we didn’t raise taxes we lowered them since they had already gone up!!).

    But neither side wants all of the spending cuts and tax increases to occur because it will reveal both sides selfish uselessness. They only care about their own reelection and their own power. We could loose a 1/3 of the govt programs and no one would notice. We could drop the size of the military by a 1/3, bring all the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and end the war on drugs and we’d just be as safe and secure as we are today.

    Don’t listen to politicians they are only going to tell you about all of the problems you/the USA/the world have and how THEY are the only ones who can solve it and save us.

  10. Al Dente

    I bet when it comes to Thanksgiving turkey, Kim eats only dark meat.

  11. Balzac

    The most important policy from the Obama campaign is to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000. The weekend Wall St. Journal provided the math from the Congressional Budget Office: this will raise $110 billion annually. So the President’s big idea, if implemented, would reduce our annual deficit by about 10%. This would truly transform the deck chair layout.

    The figures show that the US government has a long term spending problem, not a tax rate problem. So the truth is that Obama’s big idea avoids the real issue, while affecting 10% of the WRONG side of the deficit.

    We shouldn’t expect our major media to notice, should we?