Gun control British style

“Well, that simply isn’t DONE anymore – quite unsuitable for modern times!”

Just in time for Remembrance Day, an SAS commando has been sentenced to 15 months in jail for illegally possessing a pistol brought home from Iraq.

The court was told that he returned to Britain in a hurry after two friends were killed in Iraq, leaving his equipment — including the pistol — to be packed up by colleagues.

It accepted evidence from expert witnesses that he suffered severe memory loss due to a brain injury.

Judge Advocate Alistair McGrigor, presiding over the court martial, could have spared the soldier prison by passing a suspended sentence. Instead he handed down the custodial term.

Lt Col Richard Williams, who won a Military Cross in Afghanistan in 2001 and was Sgt Nightingale’s commanding officer in Iraq, said the sentence “clearly needed to be overturned immediately”.

He said: “His military career has been ruined and his wife and children face being evicted from their home — this is a total betrayal of a man who dedicated his life to the service of his country.”

In 2007, Sgt Nightingale was serving in Iraq as a member of Task Force Black, a covert counter-terrorist unit that conducted operations under orders to capture and kill members of al-Qaeda.

He also helped train members of a secret counter-terrorist force called the Apostles. At the end of the training he was presented with the Glock, which he planned to donate to his regiment as a war trophy.

But in November 2007, two of Sgt Nightingale’s closest friends, Sgt John Battersby and Cpl Lee Fitzsimmons, were killed in a helicopter crash. He accompanied both bodies back to Britain and helped arrange the funerals.

In Iraq, his equipment was packed by colleagues, one of whom placed the pistol inside a container that was sent first to the SAS regimental headquarters in Hereford, then to his home where it remained unopened until 2010.

In May, 2010, Sgt Nightingale was living in a house with another soldier close to the regiment’s headquarters when he was posted to Afghanistan at short notice.

During the tour, his housemate’s estranged wife claimed her husband had assaulted her and kept a stash of ammunition in the house. West Mercia Police raided the house and found the Glock, still in its container.

Sgt Nightingale’s court martial did not dispute that the pistol had been a gift. It accepted statements from expert witnesses, including Dr Susan Young, a forensic psychologist also from King’s College, London. She said that he probably had no recollection that he had the gun.

The court also accepted that Sgt Nightingale had suffered severe memory loss. But the judge did not believe that he had no recollection of being in possession of the weapon.

Thanks to this impressive victory over lawlessness, English citizens can now relax peacefully in their homes, perhaps watching their new satellite TVs being given to them free, at a cost of ₤180 million, by their beneficent government. 
We’re running out countries to flee to, which I guess is the point.


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25 responses to “Gun control British style

  1. Head of public broadcasting…..steps down
    Hero gets this…..
    Did the Nazi’s win ?
    Hope we don’t have to bail them out again…..

  2. Anon

    Off topic here- but have you seen this? Maybe you can help spread the word for a (longshot) recount :

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    CF: Even if SCOAMF doesn’t get his way, and we were able to “bail them out,” should we?

  4. hmmm

    o still can’t believe he won…this is painful for him.

  5. Anonymous

    This story is a disgrace, I read it in the British press first and I still don’t really understand the actual crime committed. Hopefully the sentence will be overturned.

  6. AJ

    Get used to it because from now on your choice for national government will be between Democrats and Democrat Lites. It’s no surprise that Obama won: why would anyone vote for the imitator when you could have the real thing — Obama Classic.

    The Republicans stole the election from themselves, and in fact, even had dissenters (those who would not vote for Romney) arrested:
    “…When Ron Paul went to the Republican National Convention in August, he brought with him the youngest delegation in the history of the Republican Party.

    How were they welcomed? When they arrived, their signs were confiscated and torn up before their eyes. The Maine delegation was summarily unseated and sent home because they contained too many Paul supporters. At the last minute, the Rules Committee changed the ballot access requirement from five states to eight states to prevent Ron Paul’s name from being entered into nomination. They even prevented his name from being mentioned from the podium!

    The establishment’s abominable treatment of Ron Paul supporters at the RNC was only the culmination of a corrupt and shameful primary season. In Louisiana, Ron Paul delegates were arrested when it became clear that they were in the majority at the state convention. In Arizona, desperate party bosses turned off the lights at the state convention to prevent Ron Paul supporters from being elected to a party position. In both Maine and Nevada, Romney campaign officials were caught distributing fake delegate slates. In Missouri, police were called to shut down the St. Charles caucus when a Ron Paul victory appeared imminent.

    “…And while, the Goldman Sachs corporate puppet pushed so diligently, successfully to keep Paul off the ballot, he forgot one crucial detail. It apparently slipped his mind how mighty the liberty campaign had risen up. He forgot there was a serious grassroots r[3VOL]ution watching his every move. He forgot that without Paul’s students of sound money, limited government, and “bring the troops home,” he was doomed.

    Romney did way more than shoot himself in the foot, he shot himself in the heart, lost the campaign, and gave the Republican party a bad name, a death wish. Who wants to be associated with Romney, even with the party, if he was the “chosen one”? Apparently not a soul from the Austrian economics, constitutionalists, “we are not the bullies of the world” camp…”

    The voters have spoken; They decided to avoid substitutes and accept only the original. Why would anyone buy a Democrat dressed up as a same platform, Republican when they could go with a classic:

  7. Mazama

    The British Army, which had nearly 1,000,000 men in the early 1950s, is projected to soon consist of about 82,000 soldiers. As a practical matter that means they cannot commit more than a token force of, say, 5,000 fighting soldiers to any particular foreign campaign with, even then, little or no modern weapons or support systems.

    European and Japanese defense capabilities atrophied from the 1950s onward as the money was diverted from defense to fund the now unraveling social welfare states. This was possible because the U.S. provided for the defense of Europe as well as Japan.

    Who will provide for U.S. defense as we embark on an unprecedented expansion of social entitlements in an era of shrinking labor forces and lower economic growth?

  8. A bit like FDR’s first 8 plus years of leading from behind ?

  9. Re your comment that we are running out of countries to flee, guess what the number one Google search was post Obama victory……”move to Canada”

  10. The Mickster

    Obviously not a fan of his regiment – but this story and his sentence makes no sense. On a side note, when moving recently I discovered a stash of ammo in my basement in a metal military-style container and didn’t know how to dispose of it. Long story short – GPD are now using it on their range.

  11. Fred2

    This seems like a very harsh sentence to impose on someone where there seems to have been ample reason to believe it was a good faith “accident,” and where no one was threatened or hurt, and where there was no reason to believe any thing was planned.

    And and it’s disproportionate to actual sentences in mala en se crimes.

    And to think Britons civilians used to be free and able to carry personal firearms at their own discretion within one lifetime.

  12. Anon

    Have you noticed the abundance of groupon and living social deals for gun classes? Like boaters safety, but for concealed weapons hmmm…

  13. Balzac

    AJ: honestly,voting for Ron Paul is a protest vote. It ensures the disaster called Obama. Thoughtful people are not OK with that.

  14. hmmm


    you have any better suggestions?

    the recently attempted experiment failed….or have you not been watching?

    it’s clear the election was lost because folks simply couldn’t vote for romney, now are you suggesting it is easier to persuade those folks to put their beliefs aside and just vote for the guy or is it easier to find a candidate that appeals to enough of the gop voters?

  15. AJ

    Balzac, you are confused: the only votes that actually mattered we’re the third party and write in votes. All the other votes, the votes for Romney and Obama, were cast by people engaged in a pointless excersise of endorsing and legitimizing the status quo in which the only decision was to whose narrative appealed to you the most, that is, who told the best story, depending on what kind of story you like to hear.

  16. AJ

    Don’t worry, next election the Republicans will stop messin’ around and come back with the tried and true, and nominate one of the Bushes. That ought to work.

  17. AJ

    Bush, Obama, Romney — here’s how the New World Order works:

  18. Pot Calling Kettle

    interesting to see the americans knocking british gun laws, given the multiple tragedies that have occured on US soil in recent months because of the liberal gun laws in america…..

    • No no, you misunderstood the point of my posting – this criminal had a pistol in his footlocker and got off with just fifteen months in jail? Outrageous! To think that England once hanged pickpockets – they’ve gone soft over across the pond and I’m just sick about it.

  19. Pot Calling Kettle

    There are still some countries out there that you could flee to, where you would feel most at home, you just need to know where to look. There are parts of Eastern Germany where fascism is still rife and you would be like a pig in ….

    • The concept of the individual being subservient to and available to be sacrificed “for the common good” is indeed a communist idea, Pot (and interesting that you label communist East Germany “fascist” – it was of course, but usually your crowd tries to hide that connection) but there’s no need to travel to find it, it’s come to our shores.

  20. Pot Calling Kettle

    Batman Movie Theatre Massacre (Colorado); Sikh Temple Massacre (Wisconsin); Manufacturing Factory Massace (Minniapolis) to name but a few of the recent highlights. Yes – the US is an example to the rest of the world on gun control…….

  21. Pot Calling Kettle

    Dunblane – Scotland 1996; Norway – 2011; Treblinka – Poland, 1943 – different countries over a 70 year period. What’s your point!!!

    The US shootings highlighted above took place in the same country in the space of 3 months.

    You really should go back to being an attorney. You make such strong, cogent arguments with an array of compelling, accurate facts.