Even without looking, I knew this had to be about California

Because if it were NYC, it would have been mandatory. City Council asks residents to eschew meat on Mondays.

The resolution, introduced by Councilwoman Jan Perry and Councilman Ed Reyes, cites statistics showing health disparities facing Los Angeles residents, specifically those living in low-income areas with lack of access to health foods.

It also notes that, according to the department of Health Services, more than half of Los Angeles County residents are obese or overweight.

What evidence, you ask, shows that eating meat leads to obesity? The cavemen I know, meat eaters all, are some of the scrawniest folks around. And what evidence, you ask, does access to “health food” – an undefined term – produces better health? And finally, how will avoiding a chicken leg on Monday provide better access to that health food the rest of the week?

None, none and don’t bother me with logic. As is always the case in these matters, it’s about good intentions and appearing to be up on whatever passes for current conventional wisdom. Ain’t it grand? We’re governed by the idiot class.


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11 responses to “Even without looking, I knew this had to be about California

  1. ill-logical

    Where are the Catholics when we need them? Perhaps we could just return to the tradition of fish on Fridays.

  2. Peg

    Very amusing. About 2.5 months ago, I went on a low carb diet. Got fed up with having those extra lbs. harming my EXTRAORDINARY beauty🙂

    Anyway – it works! Tough for me to give up pizza, bagels, baked potatoes and the like. But, definitely has made a signficant difference in my figure.

    I’ve never been one to eat a lot of meat. Neverthless, when you’re sticking only to low carb foods, tough to avoid it. How about our government lets WE THE PEOPLE judge what is good for us, instead of them? Especially when way too often, as we all know, WE are right and THEY are wrong!!

  3. browbeater44

    depression era economics …i wonder if zuckerberg will lead that effort…”its monday, eat a potato.” welcome to 1937, which by the way is the last time interest rates were this low, which is fueling the highly touted housing boom…right again…time to exit the usa. sorry just a rant

  4. Chris

    Another example of Agenda 21 beginning to alter the American way of life. A diet of meat is considered unsustainable, harmful to the environment, just like Americans’ love of cars and fossil fuels.

  5. Anonymous2

    Reading this I’m reminded of a comment from a Russian in-law who said of the government “We ignore them and they ignore us”, a good maxim for the socialist survivor guide.

  6. Behind the Library

    This would make Monday night steak night in my house. The best meal in the world is simple: A Caesar salad, a New York Strip, black & blue, and a decent red to wash it down. If you want to gussy it up, you can eat some spuds fried in fat and generously salted. Nothing better!

  7. Just_looking

    It is the processed ready to eat foods that are the problem. The lower on the food chain, the less additives and the less problems.

  8. Spencercat

    If a caveman wouldn’t recognize it as food, don’t eat it.