Land of the free

Putin may imprison those who embarrass him to four years in the Siberian gulag but here in Obama World we only hand out one-year sentences, and the food’s better. I’m waiting to hear some protest from the left over Friday’s incarceration of that Anti-Taliban filmmaker but so far …crickets. Of course, they aren’t complaining about the return of a dictatorship in Russia, so why expect more from them as it happens here?


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3 responses to “Land of the free

  1. FF

    Um, Chris, he was on probation for bank fraud, and one of his conditions of probation was that he not use computers and the internet. So unless he’s Mahatma Gandhi (who did his prison time too), I suggest you fine more worthy felons to endorse

    • And if you think the feds raided his house at midnight two days after our Secretary of State promised one of the victim’s parent that the man would be arrested and punished, then you probably think that the Pussy Riot girls were sent to Siberia for disturbing the peace. Surprised to see you so accepting of official government explanations, but then, Cheney wasn’t involved in either case.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    FF: I second CF. You libs are all outrage and bluster when a Repugnicant does that kinda SHITE, but see a demoncrat do it and you go all Hans Georg Schultz on us.