Don’t know about politicizing the Greenwich Board of Ed but I do have a suggestion

Dumb as a stump?

The Democrats and the Republicans are squabbling over which party’s candidate should head the BOE. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the track record for this board suggests that whichever party runs the show, the dismal decline in student performance will continue.

But while we’re busy rearranging the deck chairs, why not toss Peter Braun overboard and open up a spot for someone, anyone else? We can install Braun as Village Idiot instead – yes, he’s unqualified, but we can make it an affirmative action hire.


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9 responses to “Don’t know about politicizing the Greenwich Board of Ed but I do have a suggestion

  1. Anonymous

    Affirmative Action:
    If you need it, you’re not good enough.
    If you’re good enough, you don’t need it.
    If you don’t need it, and you use it, you are an ‘effin freeloader.

  2. Al Dente

    The school board here in Broward County, Florida is now 100% women, and everyone seems to be just ga-ga about it. The two men on it decided not to run, they gave up. So much for diversity.

  3. anonymous

    Appropriate to your own web site, here’s a clip on Peter von Braun from the site “Enchanted Castles:”

  4. anonymous

    Apparently the same language as your web site on a bad night. It’s poached from this article in Greenwich Time, which is usually also in some pidgin language:

    • Hmm – The Enchanted Forest version reads as though it were translated from English to Urdu and then back again, with a little coherency lost along the way. The Greenwich Time article is at least readable, if devoid of content, a fault I blame on the subject matter.
      As an aside, while Fudrucker comes off as just a teensy bit obsessed over exposing the old fraud’s claim to nobility, Braun said this: “Americans are either associate or honorary knights,” von Braun said. “I figure if it’s good enough for Dwight Eisenhower, it’s good enough for me.”
      I am unaware of any particular military service Braun contributed to his adopted country and so he doesn’t strike me as the equivalent of Eisenhower. In fact, he’s not even a Jack Kennedy. Dan Quayle, maybe, although Qualye doesn’t wear a phony crest dreamed up by a Taiwanese seamstress on his blazer’s tit.
      (And whatever, whoever Braun is, he’s certainly no rocket scientist)

  5. Georgie

    Our BOE continues to under whelm. I am chastened to read in the paper that we have moved from IB as the magic bullet for solving Student Achievement to a dedicated computer for every kid from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

    No one can deny technology is a necessity, but to put all the education resources on digital devices is such a disservice to the kids. What about great teachers and Principals (pay them more, expect measurable results and accountability) curriculum redo—esp math (EveryDay) and science, and finally have dedicated technology mostly for middle/high schoolers.

    Nope, they are spending their time yet again on leadership changes….Superintendent to BOE to Superintendent to BOE…..

    And, the kids……nowhere in the equation.

  6. Anonymous

    How about refunds for worthless degrees and diplomas?

    Surely some worthy variation of this college tuition scheme can be concocted for the Greenwich taxpayer?