More on the BOE’s Peter Braun

I know nothing!

Board of Education member Peter Braun is defending a lawsuit brought against him to foreclose his two-unit condominium spec project at 623 Steamboat Road by claiming that the loss is the lender’s fault: it should have known he was too stupid to be entrusted with millions of dollars. I understand why Braun would employ this defense – it succeeded once before, 15 years ago, when he sued a local stock brokerage firm for taking advantage of his financial naivety and inexperience, so why not go back to the well?

And had he asked me, I’d have been happy to serve as a character witness and attest to the absolute truth of his claim of imbecility, but I do wonder whether a man who by his own admission is an unsophisticated financial idiot should be on a board that decides how to spend literally millions of our tax dollars – 75% of our total budget. Does that make sense?

Not to me but then, I’m not one of the handful of wise men of the Republican Party who select BOE members.

Here’s a listing for one of the units in question. Mud flats on one side, busy road on the other, asking $4 million? I must be nuts.


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10 responses to “More on the BOE’s Peter Braun

  1. Cos Cobber

    All that court activity doesnt look like the typical foreclosure case. We need more background info.

  2. Georgie

    Thanks for the laugh of the day with great commentary and the Hogan Heroes bufoon picture….that was good.

  3. greenwich dude

    i wonder how medical records are going to figure in?

    “i was insane when i built this ugly yellow hulk”

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    Whatever happened with the condos built on the old Manero’s site? Did they sell?

  5. Georgie

    Its pretty scary that he was elected to manage our schools spending when he can’t even manage his own personal finances.

  6. CatoRenasci

    It is astonishing the ‘pubbies put him up. Pons Cohen was a pain in the patoot, but she was dead on about the schools being a mess.

  7. Cos Cobber

    Well this situation doesnt look very good. Nice job by the paper (zzzzzzzzzzzz) to get the scoop on this one too.