Gone (going) hunting

Getting close to nature

Off to the woods of Pennsylvania for a few days, should be back Tuesday. I certainly don’t intend to be where there’s Internet access so no blogging, but I’ll have cell phone coverage until sometime tomorrow so if you send comments, they’ll be posted until then. After Thursday, however, you’ll all just have to congregate at EOS’s hurricane party in Bedford (you were invited, weren’t you?) and kvetch in person.


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17 responses to “Gone (going) hunting

  1. Cos Cobber

    WTF – then leave your brother in charge of the blog or perhaps even your partner – captain stratchy lotto ticket would due – just dont leave us alone with no place to go on the internet.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Go bang bang with new .308?

  3. Cobra

    Good hunting, Chris!

  4. Balzac

    The stock market has been dropping since the American media (sorry, meant to write American voters) chose their President. Today, the Dow was down 50 points all day. At 2 pm the Dow abruptly dropped 100 points more. What happened? Well, the President provided his vision for your post-election future at his press conference, which concluded about then.

    It must be nice to be powerful.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    E-mail me he administrative credentials and I will keep this blog humming, while you go and try and blow the brains out of some poor Bambi. Do you dress like Elmer Fudd? I bet you do!! And try not to shoot your foot off.

    I won’t do any dirt posts, because I don’t know squat about it. But I will do general interest stuff, like the history of Thanksgiving:

    Maybe some football?

    Don’t worry, I will keep it clean. I can probably guess your password anyway. Is it 1234? Or iselldirt? Maybe villageidiot?

    Have fun, and if you see a bear shitting in the woods, please take a picture. I have always wondered what the right answer to that question was.
    Your Pal,

  6. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon a listing in Wilton.
    (This may help with the building costs/sq.ft debate)
    It’s an 8,000 sq.ft home with high end everything.
    two acres on a relatively quiet road.
    Just completed earlier this year.
    Asking 2.29m
    Zilliow did the math for me… $283 /sq.ft
    33 Hillbrook Road, Wilton, CT


    I’m ready to move to Wilton, if not for these damn kids and the smoke and mirrors on the og-riverside school system we are sucked in to….I’d be gone
    Yep, I’m a sucker

  7. another stb 4 me

    Great post Walt, keep them coming while CF is out hunting bears.

  8. Cos Cobber

    Look what blue can do for you: last for credit quality going forward. dont worry EOS, NY is right there too at either 48 or 49 w/NJ.


  9. please…seriously…watch out for Lyme

  10. Anonymous

    A buddy has a .25 acre lot off mimosa, with approval for a 4200 sq. ft
    Hasn’t had an offer over 400k
    Is he delusional, or are the builders just not interested in that section of town.?

    • It’s my memory that most houses on Mimosa sit on an acre. I could be wrong, but a lot one-quarter the size of its neighbors isn’t going to be especially appealing and a builder might well be cautious before committing a million bucks (land and building costs) on a hunch that some buyer won’t mind the small size. Mimosa has always been a somewhat inconvenient location, an inconvenience mitigated by large lots. Take that away, and what o you have? Dandy Drive.

  11. another stb 4 me

    Come back Chris…! Are you ok?

  12. AJ

    Here for you: some good dear hunting music. Sorry can’t think of any bear hunting music. Do people eat bear meat, and does it taste like chicken?

  13. AJ

    I cannot believe it, I spelled deer dear. Well, at least I didn’t spell bear bare.

  14. Anonymous

    RE MIMOSA 1/4 acre
    Thanks Chris!
    Now that I think more about the conversation I had, he said near mimosa, up on valley. Also mentioned something about the water treatment plant…
    That may have something to do about it sitting stale.
    Keep up the good work and feel free to take out the deer getting fat off our landscaping, and sleeping in our fall cleanup pile.