Say goodnight, Gracie

44 Mooreland

The second of the Antares partners, Joe Beninati, has put his house up for sale today and so the two developers, Joe B and José Cabrera, are now competing against each other to sell their cheek-by-jowl houses at 42 and 44 Mooreland Road and priced at $26,080 million and $17,199 million respectively. Why the price discrepancy for two houses of equal size? Beats me, but I note that 42 Mooreland is described as designed in a “Euro-style”,  a sure predictor of a long-term stay on the market, so perhaps Beninati wants to start high in order to slice his price in half later and make the place look like a bargain.

In addition to the “false bargain” approach, there are two other possible explanations for these wildly enthusiastic prices, or two that I can see, anyway: the first is that it’s some kind of ploy to fend off creditors somehow, by appearing to have the homes up for sale and providing ammunition to fend off the court-appointed appraiser when he reports back to the judge and discloses that there’s no equity in the properties. The second may be that the Boyz actually believe their houses are worth this much – it certainly won’t be the first time they’ve overestimated a property’s value. Either way, I’m sure there will be ample opportunity to visit the homes nd decide for yourself.


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12 responses to “Say goodnight, Gracie

  1. Fred2

    “designed in a “Euro-style” I used to understand styles: Danish Modern, Louis XIV, Empire (and it’s variations), Federal, Georgian… what the heck is Euro?

    Oh wait: Broke and entitled feeling?

  2. GWCrossman

    They certainly over estimated what they though they could get for the condo conversions at “The Greens” by Western Middle School.

  3. Taxes

    Would you want to pay $67,000 tax a year for the luxury of living there? What a joke. Downsize Joe Cabrera. He was a dumb jock in GHS – he had to spend a pre college year at a prep school. That’s pathetic. He has been trying to live this down. Now probably has a big alimony payment to pay for his former cheerleader wife. He was always trying to prove to people.

  4. Anon

    “Taxes” – Joe Cabrera and Jim Cabrera (Antares) are different people actually.

  5. anon.

    It’s the other brother’s house. Joe lives in OG,fyi.

  6. CT Yank

    Taxes, I think the house in question is owned by Jimmy Cabrera, not Joe Cabrera. What I am curious about is why these 2 fraudsters are still living in the lap of luxury after defaulting on millions of dollars in loans for their defunct projects. If the “common folk” don’t pay their bills, they get taken to the cleaners and end up bankrupt (or in jail). Why are these 2 still living the high life? Seems pretty unfair to me.

  7. Harsh

    Singling out people is uncomfortable. Like a magnifying glass on ants on a hot sunny summer day.

  8. GA5138

    Years ago I had the displeasure of working for Joe Beninati — long enough to learn too much about his professional and personal lives. To say he was unethical would be an understatement. While book smart, it was clear he was a con-man, and did anything he could (including stealing from his own company) to line his pockets. I also got to know Jim Cabrera. Jim was clearly not as book smart as Joe. But Jim never struck me to be as slimy and unethical as his partner. If anything, it felt like Joe used Jim, and Jim was too naive to see the path being laid before them. That’s not to say Jim didn’t do some things that you would shake your head at. But Antares was a nice small business before Joe grabbed it as a vehicle to enrich himself. The best analogy I can come up with would be to compare them to the protagonists of the book Of Mice and Men. All that said, I could be wrong…maybe Jim was just as bad and I never got to really see his true colors.

    • Jim seems to be know as “the good Antares” while his partner Beninati gets reviews much in line with yours. I don’t know either man and thus have no personal knowledge of who did what but while they were playing developer big shots, it was a common opinion that Beninati was the one dreaming up the schemes while “nice guy ” Jimmy was too dumb to know what the f was going on. That’s what I heard, anyway.

  9. Reader

    I am going to stand up for Jim Cabrera. He is Chairman of the Board of the Greenwich YMCA, which is a challenging and time consuming position. It is selfless of him to devote his time and energy to the Y. Not a lot of other people in town would take on that role.