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Our next school superintendent?

Given the Greenwich BOE’s sterling history in selecting and hiring superintendents, surely this man must be in the running. Scarsdale High School dean retires when chastised for researching sexual mores and drug use.

The dean of students at tony Scarsdale HS used cocaine for 20 years and abruptly retired in June after he was caught smoking crack with a prostitute in his White Plains home, authorities said today.

David Mendelowitz was the only john named in a sweeping probe of a three-state prostitution ring that employed 40 girls and ran its own advertising firm to lure wealthy patrons.

Mendelowitz, 58, retired at the end of June — allegedly for health reasons — in what was considered a surprise. He had been at Scarsdale HS for 15 years as guidance counselor and dean — and also serving on the school’s Drug and Alcohol task force.

I’d imagine that since he retired instead of being fired he will be eligible for a comfortable pension courtesy of Scarsdale taxpayers. How nice for him.

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Obama comes clean

Leave for a week and nothing much changes on the political scene except that Obummer makes it a bit more explicit as to who, exactly his Democrats consider their constituency – hint: it’s very much not white males. Tranvestite Samoan Islander male? Welcome, brother, but if you’re white, take a hike.


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And we’re back!

Taking a pause

Bears 1, Hunter 0, which is exactly how I hoped it would turn out – the idea was to traipse up and down (small) mountains and hang out with the guys. All very manly and mostly unproductive. One bear lost his life to the cause but not by me. I did get lots of mud spattered all over my Honda Ridgeline, making it look a little less suburban and mas macho. Cool.

Haven’t checked real estate transactions yet but one reader sent me this link to the Greenwich Reform Synagogue’s plan to buy “The Mayor of Cos Cob”, Lou Caravella’s property on Orchard.  The neighbors are up in arms, naturally, and vowing to stop it, but it will be a fun battle – this will involve First Amendment issues and won’t be a fight over a drive-thru window at Starbucks. Remember the Cos Cob cross, if you’re feeling nostalgic for tooth and claw neighborhood love fests. This quote from a concerned citizen aptly sums up the spirit of cooperation, understanding and neighborly reasonableness we can anticipate: “We’re willing to listen to them, but our position is totally non-negotiable,” said one opponent, Nicole Cranberg Crosby. Whoo boy, fasten your seat belts.

If I had to guess, by the way, I’d expect to see a for sale sign on Caravella’s son Randy’s liquor store shortly. Randy’s selling his property to the Jews along with the self-proclaimed Mayor and it’s unlikely, given the tenor of the neighborhood even before the battle shapes up, that many locals will be stopping by to stock up on booze from Randy’s shelves. He’s getting a good price for his land, however, and he can always join his father in Florida and thumb his nose at his former customers from there.

All that said, and in full understanding of basic human nature that abhors change of any kind, I wonder whether, long-term, a new synagogue will seriously affect the neighbors’ lives – certainly it won’t “completely destroy our property values”, as one hysterical woman insisted to Greenwich Time. St. Paul’s Episcopal church opened up down the street from my childhood home in Riverside in, I think, 1956, and Riverside home values seem to have survived just fine. Of course Episcopalians are a dying breed, having lost all political power and most of their beliefs, but that wasn’t the case fifty years ago, when the church did generate a fair amount of traffic on Sundays and no one moved out, houses weren’t abandoned. Besides, it’s my understanding that synagogues are active only during the High Holy Days and remain shuttered and unused the rest of the time, so what’s a little traffic ten days a year? Should be some great entertainment at the P&Z hearings the next few years.


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