Obama comes clean

Leave for a week and nothing much changes on the political scene except that Obummer makes it a bit more explicit as to who, exactly his Democrats consider their constituency – hint: it’s very much not white males. Tranvestite Samoan Islander male? Welcome, brother, but if you’re white, take a hike.


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4 responses to “Obama comes clean

  1. AJ

    The picture accompanying the following article says it all. This is what we’ve come to; from here it’s nothing but down some hole to Hell. The fellow with the blue glove in the blue uniform looks a bit like a namby pamby. I would say NTTAWWT, but I find everything wrong with it.


  2. Al Dente

    I think he’s dirty as your Honda.

  3. CF, the times they are a changin’. Norm Coleman lamented the day after the election that they are changing the name of the GOP to the WOP. The white old party…not necessarily funny, but true.
    Here is the question…goes the GOP (WOP?) want to stay the party of old white guys, evangelicals, and Southern racists, or do they want a bigger tent? That is a tough one….

  4. hmmm


    when u say southern racist are you referring to senator byrd? i am not understanding the connection between gop and southern racists…just asking…