Our next school superintendent?

Given the Greenwich BOE’s sterling history in selecting and hiring superintendents, surely this man must be in the running. Scarsdale High School dean retires when chastised for researching sexual mores and drug use.

The dean of students at tony Scarsdale HS used cocaine for 20 years and abruptly retired in June after he was caught smoking crack with a prostitute in his White Plains home, authorities said today.

David Mendelowitz was the only john named in a sweeping probe of a three-state prostitution ring that employed 40 girls and ran its own advertising firm to lure wealthy patrons.

Mendelowitz, 58, retired at the end of June — allegedly for health reasons — in what was considered a surprise. He had been at Scarsdale HS for 15 years as guidance counselor and dean — and also serving on the school’s Drug and Alcohol task force.

I’d imagine that since he retired instead of being fired he will be eligible for a comfortable pension courtesy of Scarsdale taxpayers. How nice for him.

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