Fortunately for the body count on the road, he doesn’t live on Round Hill

Feds arrest another former SAC employee and, at least according to Bloomberg News, draw closer to nabbing Steve Cohen for insider trading. Not everybody on Round Hill Road is in prison, and not every Greenwich resident currently in prison lived on Round Hill Road, so one really can’t predict how a guy who occupies a home on Crown Road Lane will make out in this ongoing investigation.


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8 responses to “Fortunately for the body count on the road, he doesn’t live on Round Hill

  1. Anonymous

    It’s crown lane
    And in case you were wondering
    It’s Stevie that had the bat cave car garage
    Remember that old post of yours…
    I responded then but never heard back from you
    Maybe it’s where he’ll be hiding when the kick down the front door!!

    • Crown Lane indeed, but I’m not so sure you have the right location for the Bat Cave – I have it on pretty good authority that the Batman fan lives a bit further west, although at pretty much the same latitude as Stevie.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just a subterranean garage like a bat cave
    A buddy of mine worked on the custom glass for it
    Ether way, SAC might have some explaining to do!

  3. Anonymous

    nobody’s that good, SAC that is. the noose is tightening on Stevie.

  4. Riverside

    I have to give Stevie Cohen props for at least putting his gains (however obtained) to good cultural use. His place on Crown Lane is just amazing. I had the pleasure of visiting one day, and he has maybe the most extraordinary art collection in private hands. In the living room alone he has a Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas, Mary Cassatt, Pissaro, and I believe a Sisley. And the dining room is wall-to-wall Picasso, the library sports a Warhol and Jackson Pollack. His curator, who took us around, points out that each picture is among the very finest of the artist’s work.

  5. Anonymous

    You forgot to mention the self portrait of Stevie holding a balancing scale.
    On the low side, billions of dollars.
    On the other, a pesky little fine from the SEC virtually catapulted off the canvas.

    Even if he does get “in trouble”, I believe he’s already done the math and accepted the potential punishment.

  6. Al Dente

    I understand his Elvis on velvet collection is stunning.

  7. AJ

    Riverside, it would only be putting it to good cultural use if he donated it to some place where everyone could view it. Sounds more like gluttony. Have some more cake my fat friends: