I just watched a three-point buck wander across the Post Road and down Cary Road. It’s always amused me, as I drive six hours to go hunting, that I’m leaving an area with more deer per square inch than my destination could achieve in a lifetime of deer cultivation.
Tasty ornamentals, no predators, no hunters- what’s not to like?


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  1. The Mickster

    OT – Hotsie passed away last night – 91 yrs young

    • Aw, that’s too bad – for those of you who may not have known his name, Hotsie was the long-time Greenwich fixture at Garden Catering in Old Greenwich but before that was the proprietor of, was it the Hubba Hubba? Always working, he was still getting up at something like 3:30 am as recently as last year to prepare Garden Catering’s chili. He said it beat retirement and I’m sure it did. Neat old guy and very much part of the fabric of town.

  2. Fred2

    Ha. It can be worse. My friend drove 12 hours to his hunting location, spent a week, got nothing. Never even saw one.

    His girlfriend who was staying at his farm while he was away, put down her coffee, got her deer rifle, shot a lovely fat buck from the porch. Finished her coffee, and had him strung up in the barn before going to work.

    My friend was amused.

  3. Anonymous

    six hour drive? what the f^ck??
    turkey-deer-coyote-bear. theres plenty of legal hunting in our end of faifield county, like wise in westchester, putnam and dutchess…..just gotta know where to go. heck, even greenwich audubon culls the herd annualy.

    y’all probably run them faux pickup trucks up into he woods just to play bareback mountain

  4. Anonymous at 11:05 – Hunting with a gun is prohibited everywhere in Westchester county. If you want to do it here it has to be with a bow.

  5. Anonymous

    Hotsie would make me breakfast every morning at 5am
    “Put it on Mike?”
    Thanks Hots,
    You will be missed my friend.

  6. AJ

    Didn’t a deer crash through a window and into a restaurant on Greenwich Avenue once?

  7. Anonymous

    Eddie Pauly and Hotsie had the original Hubba Hubba located where Wendy’s is today. Then they had the Oasis next to DeFelice autobody

  8. I think that would be okay. Lots of Bowie fans in Westchester.

  9. Anonymous

    a gun cannot be used for any type of hunting in westchester county??

    • I thought there was a shotgun – only area in that blighted county but since I don’t hunt there, I’ve never confirmed it either way. Now if EOS has horses up there in Bedford, maybe it’s worth investigating the matter.

  10. GPD Folk

    Anon @1241 is correct but I believe sister kathy was also in on the Hubba……..Hotsy & Eddie also ran the restaurant at the Bruce Golf Course (The Griff) for a couple of years at the urging of Parks & Rec…..The deer crashed through Lotus East at 64 Greenwich Ave it was owned by Johnny Chang…too bad about Hotsie…I grew up on his food… may he rest in peace.

  11. Sound Beacher

    While walking at Tod’s Point this morning, saw a buck over by the hill near the historic rock.

  12. Fred2

    “Introduce me to that girlfriend, would you? My kind of girl.”

    Nah, I have first dibs if ever my friend divorces her or he drops dead, besides she’d be disreputably younger than you.

  13. Anonymous

    GPD folk
    yes kathy. all gone now. sadly.

    wasnt jimmy from the hustler somehow related to hotsie?

    didnt there used to be another greassy spoon down where 500 w putnam office building now stands?

  14. GPD Folk

    Anon@5:25 That other greasy spoon was probably The Patio… it was across from the Hubba Hubba as I recall. Not sure about Jimmy & Hotsie being related…but I’m working on it and will let you know.

  15. Deer-ly Departed

    Chris: I think it’s likely your 3-pointer that could be seen taking the big sleep near the exit 4 off ramp, southbound side of 95 on Friday morning. One of a handful of deer carcasses I’ve seen between exits 4 & 5 recently, in what has been a rather gory fall for the assorted woodland creatures. There was a stretch earlier this season when the number of roadkills easily topped the number of Mercedes on the streets in Town. Made for good slalom practice anyway. Not sure if the latest generation of critters is unusually careless on the roadways or what. And I can only guess what’s gotten into the actual animals…