Scratch Iowa from my summer vacation destination

It’s no day at the beach for this Twinkie lover

The bakers union vote to close the Twinkie company rather than settle for crumbs has forced the Iowa State Fair operators to look for alternatives to that perennial Iowan favorite, the deep-fried Twinkie.  I must say, having toured the nation’s heartland this past week, the average American outside of Greenwich is …larger. Perhaps the contemplated switch to deep-fried possum tails will help our mid-westerners slim down.


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3 responses to “Scratch Iowa from my summer vacation destination

  1. Al Dente

    Check out the salaries for the bakery union bosses. It’s a lot of bread!

  2. AJ

    Union boss blames Romney for Twinkie’s demise:

    I hate to even suggest it, but could this be a case of the parasite killing the host, or hostess in this case?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    How do you rationalize bailing out GM, and the banks, but not save Twinkie the Kid? How do you pour BILLIONS into all these green energy scams, but not save the Ho Ho? Has Barry never eaten a Ding Dong? I highly doubt that!!

    Is he concerned that if he saves the Twinkie, the next thing you know, that slut Little Debbie is going to come looking for a bailout? Well screw Little Debbie. She blows!! She sells “cloud cakes” that is a Twinkie wanna be. A shameless, tasteless rip off. So this little trollop is on her own, as far as I am concerned. SHE SUCKS!!

    Or are we going to let our Twinkies be touched by that other little bimbo, Bimbo? The wet back Mexican baking giant? WHO WANTS THAT??? We let Bimbo pimp out Sarah Lee and things have never been the same. She became addicted to Jimmy Dean’s Sausage, which they also own, and it was all downhill from there.

    Anyhows, the Golfer in Chief is in favor of saving Union jobs, and here is 18,500 of them that are about to disappear. Save the Wonder Bread. Save the Drakes Cake. And protect our Twinkie and Ho Ho’s. We would be lost without them.

    Your Pal,