While I was out

15 Midbrook

Not too much to get excited about in the market, but here are some items that caught my eye:15 Midbrook (across from Perot Library in Old Greenwich) has an accepted offer. Funny how a near-miss in pricing can deter buyers. This house came on in April at $1.395 and pretty much went nowhere, although it’s a decent house with a good yard and location. I think I wrote about it at that time. It dropped to $1.295 in September and although it’s taken a while, a buyer has appeared.

12 Indian Chase

Not quite so fortunate but also mis-priced last April is 12 Indian Chase Road, off Bruce Park, that came on at $4.2 million. Today it was reduced to $2.995. That’s an oops.

47 Doubling

And from the “Keep Chris Hunting Fund” comes news of a contract on 47 Doubling Road, once priced at $4.2 million and reduced to $2.995. [on reflection, I’ve deleted the gloating portion of this post but I will say to the GAR, F’ you very much]


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19 responses to “While I was out

  1. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    OK, Chris, where did the thread on the GRS purchase of the Orchard property go? It’s not like you to delete things. Or maybe my eyesight is shot and I just can’t see it???? I live on Valleywood and do not feel that a 20,000 sq foot building with 100 parking spaces belongs on a residential street such as Orchard. It’s always interesting to see what your readers think so if you deleted, please tell us why. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing says it better than publicly rubbing someones nose in it. Take a bow dude. You are a humility guru.

    • Yeah yeah, but for ten years I’ve faced hostility and scorn twice a week at broker open houses, I’ve been “counseled” by the head of the GAR, my blog’s been hacked, a GAR employee was put up to filing a spurious criminal complaint against me with the Greenwich Police (!) and on and on and on. So now they can hate me for gloating: screw’em.

  3. The Mickster

    Gonna be a Happy Christmas on Ole Creek this year !! Congrats, buddy. Well deserved. (Just don’t give it all to FF!!!)

  4. Cos Cobber

    Greenwich Mom, I don’t think CF is aware of this, but I have observed that there is a bug in wordpress which hids the fifth or sixth blog entry from CF. It will reappear once CF adds a new post.

  5. Anonymous

    You know what they say about resentment, my man. Its you that will pay the price…not those assholes.

  6. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Thank you CC. I really did think I was going crazy there. I can see the thread now. Thanks also for your comments on the GRS Orchard development. I know the couple who live in that beautiful house on corner of Orchard and Valleywood and needless to say, they aren’t happy! This is going to get very interesting.

  7. Cos Cobber

    I’m not kidding CF.

  8. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    One other thing-I had my first chance to watch Chris von K in action last night at the meeting to discuss Orchard development. That guy is hilarious! He made a whole big speech about how this is a battle and it will be bloody (speaking metaphorically, I assume) but WOW!! He is dramatic and quite a character. You gotta love this town!!

  9. Anonymous


    strange right? ‘And we’re back’ can still be found on top post and archives but doesn’t show in the daily list

  10. Publius

    Mr. Fountain, there is no greater revenge than success. Consider that “professional” realtors rank somewhere between elected officials and Wall Street employees in level of respect. Although there are true professionals in any occupation, it is difficult to imagine this being the case when it comes to the real estate profession, whether residential or commercial. It is incredulous to think that people with so little knowledge and business acumen can be engaged to handle the largest single transaction for most people. Buyers are not well represented if at all in the purchase of a leveraged and illiquid asset and sellers are told whatever they want to hear. I, sir, would spend tomorrow giving thanks for being the black sheep of the realtor family.

  11. AJ

    No more killifish and eels from the creek for you: from now on, it’s prime flatfish fillet from down by the OG Yacht Club. Or as they would say in stranger parts of the world: from now on you’ll be farting through silk.

  12. Anonymous

    I think you are pretty modest about your real estate success, I get the sense from infrequent references on your blog that you have done a lot more than the 3 upcoming transactions so far in 2012, I think you should be proud to advertise exactly what you have done. Maybe if Lockwood and Mead ever gets a website.

  13. Anonymous

    Glad you’re back CF!

  14. Anonymous

    fyi: i’m still seeing indian chase at $3.250 – perhaps you were just dropping a hint though🙂

    • There are no accidents, but this one wasn’t intentional. Probably took the figure from the 47 Doubling Road house, which I also mentioned. That one had all contingencies satisfied on Friday so it’s now set to close early next month, just in time for my children to present their Christmas list.

  15. Artie

    12 Indian Chase might have had better luck if they borrowed some authentic Adirondack chairs from a neighbor for the photos…