Attention old hippies and younger wannabes:

So we’ll wait till it comes around again, and sing it this time with four part
harmony and FEELING.

In its own Thanksgiving Day tradition, WFUV (90.7 FM) will once again be airing Alice’s Restaurant at noon – that would be right now.


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15 responses to “Attention old hippies and younger wannabes:

  1. It was playing on my way to get the New York Post, sitting outside CVS on the Avenue, and finishing the full 25 minutes on my way home. Back then, I fantasized about “having Alice.”

  2. Arlo himself was on CBS This morning talking about how the song came about. His wife of 44 years died last month and you could feel the sadness in his voice.
    Happy Thanksgiving Chris.

  3. Anonymous

    i was listening to wfuv and wondering when the heck that song would end. i wonder if, back in the day, someone threatened his freedom through, say, invading the u.s. if he’d have the balls to pick up a gun and fight to defend his freedom to sing and say whatever he wants. doubt it.

  4. AJ

    The gay rights, women’s rights movements have screwed it up for everyone. If they ever bring back the draft so you can go die for bad politics or corporate greed and their desire to take other people’s stuff you are all going to be screwed. Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.

    War is a Racket by General Smedley D. Butler:

  5. Anonymous

    one hit wonder

  6. Swanton

    Arlo is no one trick pony. Coming into Los Angeles and City of New Orleans are two more of his best known recordings. He still gives concerts after more than 40 years.

  7. Real Torme

    Arlo was a one hit wonder? Woody too?

  8. AJ

    Old Hippies from back in the day probably remember that all the weed was pretty much Mexican shwag, half seeds crap that came pressed in bricks that looked like a cross between particle board and the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your rotary lawnmower housing (remember to remove the spark plug wire and wear leather gloves). On a potency scale of one to ten, it was about a two, and you might as well have been smoking Marlboros. Then around 1970 something from Columbia called Chiba arrived at our shores and nothing was the same ever again. Although every now and again somebody on leave from Nam would fly in some good stuff — that shit was electric. Ooh, the colors. The beer of choice — it was electric also — Ballantine Pale Ale.

  9. AJ

    I remember a friend who grew up on John Wayne movies who joined the marines to go kill gooks, an admirable undertaking they were about to overrun us weren’t they, or maybe it was they had oil, lot’s of oil. He was straight as an arrow and would never do drugs, but had his first drug experience in Nam one night in enemy territory that he spent in a hutch, I believe it was opium, weed, and LSD he tried all at once. But his worst day in Nam, according to him, was the day he tried downers and crashed the lieutenant’s jeep. At the Powder Ridge Rock Festival — drug festival: there was a court injunction and there never was any music — I watched him start off with a Berkley Four way (four hits), followed with a full hit of Orange Sunshine, washed down with a Purple Barrel and some White Lightning. Nowbody could do more acid than that guy. Funny thing, he looked completely normal through the whole shebang.

  10. AJ

    And then there was the guy who tried morning glory seeds — they’re supposed to be hallucinogenic. He didn’t get high but it made his skin turn green. He didn’t look very good, but apparently suffered no ill effects.

  11. AJ

    Go take a look at the war memorial at the Havameyer Building on Greenwich Avenue and remember the names of the guys who died in Vietnam. I knew every one of those guys. I guess we showed those commies. What the fuck was that all about? What a waste.

  12. db

    “Columbia called Chiba”

    You must be talking about the school, since there is no country by that spelling.

  13. AJ

    Duh, “something from Coloumbia called chiba”, num nuts. If you promise not to give me writing lessons, I promise not to give you reading lessons! I did leave out a comma before the word something, though, as if I cared. When CF starts paying me, I’ll start writing second drafts and proofreading them, but until that time, when Hell freezes over, you’ll just have to suffer through my quickly glanced over, first drafts.

  14. AJ

    Sorry db, I meant numb nuts. I must have been thinking of Birdie num num.