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US leads the world in cutting CO2 emissions, all without the Kyoto Protocol of Al Gore’s carbon tax.

Over the past six years, the United States has reduced its carbon emissions more than any other nation in the world.

Efforts to curb so-called man-made climate change had little or nothing to do with it. Government mandated “green” energy didn’t cause the reductions. Neither did environmentalist pressure. And the U.S. did not go along with the Kyoto Protocol to radically cut CO2 emissions. Instead, the drop came about through market forces and technological advances, according to a report from the International Energy Agency.

Breakthroughs in how natural gas is extracted from underground shale formations were the key factors that led to the reductions, the report said. Natural gas has a low carbon footprint and is widely available in the United States. As a result, entrepreneurs are flocking to extract it from new areas.

“It’s good news and good news doesn’t get reported as much,” John Griffin, executive director of Associated Petroleum Industries of Michigan, said of the lack of reporting about the CO2 reductions. “The mainstream media doesn’t want to report these kinds of things.”

Rep. Chuck Moss, R-Birmingham, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, said he was unaware of the extent of the fall-off in carbon emissions.

“You know when I found out we’ve reduced our carbon emissions more than any other country?” Rep. Moss said. “It was when you just told me. So, maybe that says something about how many people even know about it.”

We posted on this exact news last August – I don’t expect the Chairman of the  House Appropriations Committee to read this puny blog, but wouldn’t it be nice if he and his colleagues got some information from somewhere before passing laws that will cripple our economy?

There’s another lesson to be drawn here aside from the blatant ignorance of our lawmakers, and that’s the revelation of Obama and his warmist swarm’s true objective: global warming is all about control and has nothing to do with saving polar bears, as I and my betters have pointed out repeatedly over the years. If he were concerned about cutting the CO2 emissions he claims are destroying the planet, Obama would welcome the development of fracking and the consequent availability of cheap, less-polluting (by at least half) natural gas. Instead, he and his EPA are doing everything they can to stop fracking. Cheap, abundant energy is their enemy, not their goal, which is to have citizens dependent on government  largess – you want to run a factory, you beg to the EPA and pay Al Gore’s investors big bucks. That’s the global warming movement in a nutshell.

It’s exactly like Obama’s goal of leveling wealth by taking from the successful and giving it to the moochers, as he admitted during the 2008 campaign. After it was pointed out to him that reducing capital gains taxes produced greater revenue, the community organizer said “I don’t care about revenue, I’m concerned about fairness [sic] “. Homeland security, the Department of Education, global warming – one and the same.


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  1. AJ

    Speaking of polar bears, you know that can of soda with the polar bear on it? Well, every time you open a can of it, and pour yourself a glass, and watch all those tiny bubbles rise to surface and pop, effervescence, I believe they call it, that’s CO2 escaping into the atmosphere. And that is the definition of the word typical, and that calls for cap and trade, whatever the f*ck that means.

  2. AJ

    What are they trying to do to us? Is it climate engineering or something more sinister? Almost everyday I watch about a half dozen or so chemtrails slowly expand across the sky over Ottawa. You can tell a chemtrail from a contrail because contrails disappear within seconds or minutes after forming while chemtrails just slowly expand over the hours. I’ve yet to see a plane doing it, though about a month ago I was out walking the dog at three in the morning on a crystal clear night and heard a jet overhead that was flying without running lights. About an hour later I was out looking at the sky, and there was a big fat chemtrail. WTF?

  3. AJ

    The not so pretty side of Al Gore’s carbon credit crusade:
    ‘EU, World Bank Brutalize Africans for “Carbon Credits”’
    “The government of Uganda and the“carbon credits” firm New Forests Company — accredited by the United Nations and largely financed by the World Bank and the European Union — are under intense public pressure after evidence emerged that over 20,000 poor Ugandan farmers were brutally evicted from their lands in order for the U.K.-based company to plant trees. The atrocities, publicized in a September 22 report by the non-profit aid group Oxfam, have made headlines around the world.

    Under the guise of saving the environment from global warming and climate change, armed enforcers reportedly burned locals’ houses to the ground — along with at least one child who was inside his home when it was set ablaze. The goon squads also reportedly terrorized and beat the residents, threatening to murder anyone who resisted.

    “We were beaten by soldiers. They beat my husband and put him in jail,” Naiki Apanabang, who obtained her family’s land in recognition of her grandfather’s military service, told Oxfam investigators. “The eviction was very violent.” Apanabang and her eight children no longer have enough food to eat — let alone money for schooling.

    Ugandan authorities granted the UN-accredited carbon-trading firm a license to plant trees on the land in 2005. So-called “carbon credits” earned from the plantation would then be sold to companies to offset their emissions of CO2. The problem was that tens of thousands of people had been living off of the land for decades…”