Trouble in the big city

Two Bangor TV news readers quit on air and it’s national news. Cindy Williams, 46, and Tony Consiglio, 28 said goodbye their handful of viewers and walked out, creating a stir among what passes as our national press corp despite a viewership of exactly 1,600. That’s about 13% of this blog’s audience, yet somehow I doubt I’d be fielding interviews from Dan Rather if I unplugged my computer and fired myself, so why the interest? The press is a monolith of group-think, and I suppose they’re channeling Matthew: “as you did to the least of these, you did to me”. Nice sentiment, but now Tom and Cindy are unemployed and Paul’s other admonition to the Thessalonians comes into play: “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” (You wanted a reference to the Pilgrims this Thanksgiving day you got it.) Perhaps their new friends in the media will find them jobs.

Of more interest to me is that despite their age difference, Tom and Cindy are described as “good friends”, and there’s a suggestion that Cindy quit because her “good friend” was about to be axed, and she felt that she couldn’t go on without him. I have a hunch that the pair was conducting under-the-covers investigative work up there in cold, snowy Bangor, but hey, unless you like the fluorescent-camo look, and I doubt these two do, there’s not much else to do in the geographic center of Maine.

Believe me (or not), Michele once heated up the Bangor airwaves

There is a Greenwich connection to this story, albeit a tenuous one: former CBS newsreader and Greenwich resident Michele Marsh once worked at a competing station in Bangor when she was a young hottie, back in 1981-1982. She went on to the big city, where she stayed until her looks betrayed her (see photo on left) and she and the entire Channel Two news team were unceremoniously dumped and Marsh was exiled to oblivion. Must be something in the Penobscot waters.


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2 responses to “Trouble in the big city

  1. The Bangor Daily News and the TV station were my summer source of News for over 50 years. My, oh, my!

  2. AJ

    News readers indeed. Notice how both their shoulders are angled towards the camera instead of square to the camera, that is, facing us head on — a spokesperson’s (professionally trained actor) trick to make themselves more authoritative.