Useful idiots

SEIU protestors have no idea why their bosses sent them to demonstrate at LAX

Nearly a year ago, 52 percent of union workers voted to switch to Aviation Safeguards from SEIU for what they say are better benefits.

“As far as the union, they keep intimidating us. They keep pushing us to go with them, but we are not part of them. We don’t want to do anything with them,” worker Martin Storm told CBS2’s Kara Finnstrom. “We are actually getting paid a lot better, and I have better health insurance than I did with the union.”

KCAL9′s Dave Lopez spoke with several protesters who weren’t aware of the battle between the labor union and the airport services company.

“Are you a union employee for the airport?” he asked.

‘No,” she said.

“Who do you work for?” Lopez asked.

“For Macy’s,” she responded.

“OK, but you’re here to what?” he asked.

“To support,” she said.

“To support, but you don’t know anything about the fact that a lot of the union members who work for the airport don’t want this to happen?” he questioned.

“No,” she answered.

One can almost forgive a crowd of uneducated shop clerks for willingly serving their union bosses, but what about college-educated citizens – the head of the Greenwich Democrat party comes to mind – who also volunteer to be sheeple? Perhaps the latter are confused, and think that it’s they who are using the dummies, but when you’re at the poker table and can’t figure out who’s the chump, you’re the chump.


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2 responses to “Useful idiots

  1. 456 gangsters

    The only union benefits any Teamster affiliatiated Town of Greenwich employee receives is a discounted pair of glasses.

  2. When I worked in and for NYC from 1968-1970, I was a wet behind the ears member of SEIU. Attending a union meeting in the Village, I was informed there was a struggle for control between Trotskyites and Leninists. I was also counseled to inform clients that they could refuse to see me. Nothing’s changed…