Tell me again why we’re spending billions to combat global warming

CO2 emissions are now at 1990 levels and falling, thanks to natural gas replacing coal as our primary energy source. Obama vowed to cut those emissions to 1995 levels and despite the country having already exceeded that goal, is still pushing congress to devote billions towards shutting down our economy, the EPA to prevent new power plants to be built and a CAFE standard of 54 mpg, which will essentially end cars and trucks as we know them. Why? Control of human behavior. Period.

And the media’s role in all this? Pretending we’re facing a dire threat and demanding more “action”. According to the Guardian, Obama is under pressure to show he’s serious about global warming when he appears at next week’s world-wide conference on bedwetting and jet setting. The Guardian considers this a good thing while neglecting to point out to its readers that the US has cut its CO2 emissions by far, far more than any other country, including those who will be sending delegates (at our expense, for the most part) to that conference.


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17 responses to “Tell me again why we’re spending billions to combat global warming

  1. Anonymous

    cutting CO2 emission is good ok,

    just ask any voter under 40 or 30, your kids, or anyone that understands science and does not not watch fox news.

    whether cutting CO2 will do anything to help curb global warming is another story, but it cannot hurt.

    also see Bloomberg business week: ‘It’s global warming stupid’

    I feel like I am lecturing children here. But go back to frolicking in greenwich connecticut

  2. Anonymous

    keeping the status quo and being willfully ignorant is stupid

  3. Peg

    You want to know why? Because AlGore and all the other cyphers who want to suck at the teat of free government money aren’t yet rich enough.

  4. Anonymous2

    I find it virtually useless talking to many people under 40. Sure, they know everything about Facebook, Tweets, “global warming” Lady GaGa and the latest smartphone but damn all except the liberal government line about anything that’s actually important, a legacy of their abusive “education” in the government schools. They know well what to think, not how to think for themselves. Largely a generation of naïve, conformist, provincial, celebrity-worshipping children.

  5. Westchesterer

    Because the government only exists to ensure its survival. This means an ever increasing size, taxation, and regulation. If it admitted the free market functioned better than itself, it would be stating that it, itself, is inefficient. Hardly anybody with power wants to admit that they’re the problem, and not the solution. Thus they perpetrate the grand lie that without the government that society would not function. To keep the lie going they invent new ways to wield their power over business and people, through law, taxation and regulation. The grand lie will only cease when their efforts to wield control over the free market become so burdensome and they destroy the economy and the will of its people. This is happening now. When the government cannot fund its apparatus the shackles will be lifted from all people and we will enter an era of unprecedented economic freedom and prosperity.

  6. AJ

    “It’s global warming stupid” — obviously the writer of that headline is addressing the stupid, otherwise known as Obama’s minions, or Obamanites, which one day will, let us hope, go the way of the Hittites, and all other -ites. Of course the only correct response to such a headline and the non sequitur drivel that follows is we hear and we obey, or perhaps, we who are about to self annihilate salute you. You may feel like you’re lecturing children, but I feel like I’m living in junior high school or high school where, for instance, in a class where I never scored below a 95 on a test, I recieved a “B” for such incidents as pointing out to the teacher that the old saying “never look a gift horse in the mouth” had nothing to with the Trojan War and was based on the fact that it was impolite to look at a horses mouth — the way they used to tell if it was healthy — when someone was giving you a gift. Or for instance, when a study hall teacher had confiscated my reading material as pornograhpy and sent me to the vice-principal’s office, where I explained to him that they were the Library’s books, and suggested we should call them and explain why they couldn’t have their books back, but I’m digressing.

    That was a nice soft opinion piece you sourced with some, no doubt, unbiased professors’ opinions, but as CF likes to say: you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. So let’s look at another source that is based on data, and the numbers say, the planet has been cooling for the last sixteen years.–chart-prove-it.html But, since you like the Clintonesque fill-in-your-own-blank, stupid, Why is the Congress and our own edict issuing President to stupid to spend $100 million to prevent the total melt down of civiization as we know it in the “United” States?

  7. Al Dente

    I know you are, but what am I?

  8. edgewater

    because i have family here for the holiday, i don’t have time to research my source, but it is a fact that without CO2 in the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth would fall dramatically, extinguishing virtually all life forms. thus, it’s silly to assert that ‘less is better’. you can look it up.

  9. AJ

    You don’t need to do research edgewater. No CO2 = no plant life = no oxygen = no animal life, and Al Gore’s beloved Gaia is just another lifeless chunk of rock floating in the endless sea of Space — sort of a big asteroid. Oddly, the level of reduction that the Globalists are striving for would bring just that result.

  10. Walt

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  11. AJ

    So Walt, if you only stole half the stuff and got the other half at half off, with a little trick arithmetic, if you average it out, even though you had to pay something, you actually got it all for free. Right? That’s what I would call a smooth criminal.

  12. db

    Assuming anyone read the article, increased fuel efficiency and renewable energy were also mentioned. No doubt natural gas is the largest reason…..but not the only one.

    “As of April, gas tied coal at 32% of the electric power generation market, nearly ending coal’s 100 year reign on top of electricity markets. Let’s remember the speed and extent of gas’s rise and coal’s drop: coal had 52% of the market in 2000 and 48% in 2008.

    Apart from power production, reductions of carbon emissions from the transportation sector since 2007 are pushing down US Carbon emissions. First quarter 2012 transportation emissions declined by about 0.6%, compared to the same period in 2011. Rising fuel efficiency and some switching to lower carbon fuels are the main causes of falling transportation emissions.”

  13. Blame Bush for removing a mile and a half of ice over Greenwich.

  14. Pollution-free “renewable energy”, solar panels and windmills, manufactured in pollution controls-free China? Ha.

  15. Walt

    Dude –
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