Further reflections, prediction on the Cos Cob Gog

Typical Cos Cob property (snowplows and above-ground pool tucked behind the outhouse, rear)

The proposed lot line revision that the Greenwich Reform Synagogue will be seeking at Tuesday’s P&Z meeting is necessary, it seems, because the selling land owner Lou Caravella wants to retain the front portion of his land and continue to live there.  If he really expects to live peacefully with his neighbors after he and his son are through with this deal, the “Mayor of Cos Cob” is in for a rude awakening; land use issues like these, in my experience, pit neighbor against neighbor and are never forgiven.

So if Caravella figures this out, and if (when) the congregation’s application encounters trouble, I predict he’ll decide to take the money and run to Florida, which he can do if he simply sells the entire lot. That’s my prediction, although as a reader emailed me, he might get a higher dollar by selling to a Muslim congregation and give his former friends and neighbors a parting gift of amplified calls to prayer repeated throughout the day. That might be a good threat, at least.


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11 responses to “Further reflections, prediction on the Cos Cob Gog

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t forget to add the inlaws, the 71 camaro, the rock garden, twin pit bulls, and the sander attachment for their f-250.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Didn’t Tom Carvel get rich making ice cream? What is he doing screwing around with Cos Cob dirt? He made a frigging fortune on Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale.

    Anyhows, what is the big deal with putting a synagogue in? That means you have Jews in the neighborhood, and they always make money, so that can only help Cos Cob property values. Plus if you are lucky, you may get to see them shape shift. How cool would that be!!

    It’s better than another bank, and I doubt they will put an above ground pool in the yard, so what is the big deal? And maybe we can finally get a decent bagel in Greenwich.

    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

    • I think that given our P&Z’s oft-demonstrated desire to concentrate all banking activity in Cos Cob, the gog’s plans should include a drive-in window and approval would be assured. That business about slaughtering Christian babies has to go, though – drives the Catholics wild.

  3. anonymous

    Tesei lives behind the Mobile station near the Thruway. I guess for him that’s a upgrade.

  4. Anonymous

    anyway it is wrapped up – anti-Semitism at it’s Greenwich finest. Someone please call the Jr. league for some additional politically correct insults.

  5. "Go Screw You" Lou Caravella

    As tax collector, “Screw Lou” was known to ask favors around Town Hall. His own land was assessed so low compared to a neighbors house right next door. It didn’t happen by accident. Anyone in Cos Cob should talk to the assessor and get the same ratios that “Screw Lou” has enjoyed for years. Check it out yourself since the valuations are on-line. For years, Lou realized only one or two people in Town knew his secret and bothered to do anything about their assessment. Now that the stuff is on line, you can do the math much more transparently.

    [Editor’s note: this is simply untrue – I checked the assessment when this guy first made this claim – he was wrong or lying then, he’s doing it again.]

  6. Truth not Crap

    Screw, I don’t know what you have against the Caravellas, but your bullshit lying has to stop. I don’t know what kind of childish thrill up your leg you get by spreading such crap, but I think you must have a very small penis. Oh, and if you looked at the assessment histories on Orchard Street you will find that everything is and has been on the up and up. People should go to http://www.greenwichct.org, enter “assessor” in the search box, click “pay taxes” and search 96 Orchard Street. Look at those, pick any other number on Orchard from 88 to 108 (even numbers only). But you would be afraid of that because the truth doesn’t make your lies look like anything other than lies for no reason. Go screw.

    • You know, I debunked his claim a couple of years ago when he first posted the same misinformation. His taxes/assessment were in line with (higher than some, less than others). Since then I’ve just deleted his comments and I should have done the same with this one. I’ll go do something about that now.

  7. Fact checker or checkered facts - who is to know?

    If you dont like content, why not just delete and move on. There are plenty of good and bad other comments. That is the beauty of posts.

    Does everything out of Obama ‘s mouth stand true. It is all how you interpret the statements. That’s why campaign ads are so annoying because you can interpret the facts any which way.

    In this case, I don’t blame the post for having a cynical view of any present or former Town employee. You Greenwich people must love opening your wallet annually to a town govt that obviously rips you off and you tolerate it.

  8. Trojan Horse

    Well put, Mr. Fountain. Frankly, I think the plan for the Caravella’s and the GRS is to first try for a lot line revision; when that doesn’t work, the back up plan is to buy the whole of the Caravella’s property and try to work it from there. Unfortunately for the GRS, in the process, they gave themselves a huge black eye.