Shocker – “Cos Cob residents to oppose synagogue application”

Traffic? You want traffic? We’ll give you traffic. Secret drawings of proposed synagogue transport vehicle as supplied by Peter Tesei.

They don’t like the idea, naturally. It’s my understanding that the present zoning application, to be heard Tuesday for a lot line revision (shifting a dividing line between two lots of a single property) must be granted under our rules as a matter of right, but here’s an opportunity to hear from Frances Fuddyrucker who, unlike his social and financial prescriptions founded on his Democrat / Regressive Party beliefs, actually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to zoning. Frankie spent eight years on the P&Z and knows the rules. More important, he also knows the local politics.

Regardless of the result Tuesday night (and I predict the P&Z will delay the application, given its long tradition of kicking contentious matters down the road), we’re in for years of entertainment from this topic. And it’s interesting to note that all our selectmen are from Cos Cob, although Little Lord Fauntleroy recently shifted across the border to Greenwich to snag its more prestigious address. The P&Z, of course,  is supposed to operate independently of the selectmen and base its decisions on legal principles, not political ones. Right.

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