So who killed J.R.?


You sucker

Larry Hagman, R.I.P. 


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9 responses to “So who killed J.R.?

  1. LAK

    I grew up watching him as Tony Nelson the astronaut and the nasty JR Ewing!

  2. Al Dente

    This guy drank more than I did, and that’s sayin sumthin!

    • He did almost die of cirrhosis of the liver and received a transplant in 1994, I see in his obituary. Don’t know whether that stopped his drinking – in many cases, it does not. But I enjoyed his acting.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Larry was apparently a lifelong party boy, and was drunk every day on the set of “I Dream of Genie”. That was one of my favorite shows growing up. Barbara Eden was a total stud muffin. It was a toss off…I mean toss up, between her and Elizabeth Montgomery.

    But Barbara won. She ran around half nude, calling you Master, and ready to grant your any wish. Fapalichious, my friend!!

    And she is still pretty MILFY.
    You agree?
    Your Pal,

  4. anonymous

    Hagman was my neighbor in CA. After his transplant he got the CA license plate “RELIVER” on his Prius. Name of his ranch was Heaven, on the hills overlooking the Pacific. Guess he’s gone there for good. And no, he did not stop drinking after the transplant.

  5. anonymous

    Hagman had to sign an agreement to stop drinking to get the new liver, but the guy he got it from wasn’t around to enforce it. The story is the wife, a nurse, was hand picked by his mother, Mary Martin to look after him. His house was in Ojai, not Malibu. It’s for sale.. want to buy it? Only way you’ll get to Heaven.

    He was at dinner at my house one night and we were playing charades. He was sitting in a chair comatose. When it was his turn, he got up, performed perfectly, was sparkling and charming and funny and spot on, when he turn was over, he got back in his chair comatose. A true professional.

    • I used to watch my grandmother, a former movie star (and always a star, in her mind) pull that off – not drunk, she was a teetotaler – but able to turn it on instantly and when her act was over, disappear back into her head. Awesome to watch but not much use to those of us seeking a personal relationship with her. Oh well, perhaps she and Larry are now in the same place and can play charades with each other.

  6. Drew Marzullo

    One of my favorite TV shows of all time.
    RIP Larry