Gideon accomplishes what I’ve been too lazy to do

Purveyor of fine toilet papers and suppositories

When he’s not selling (a lot of) real estate, brother Gideon likes to cruise the dump, looking for house warming gifts for his clients, and while leaving that fine Byram institution – why we don’t locate the new town pool there eludes me – took a picture of what has to be the ugliest new building in town, the 40th Greenwich CVS. His picture doesn’t do justice to the massive, awful design, but what camera could truly capture the entirety of its hideousness? This is truly a case of you have to see it to disbelieve it.

But Gid’s made a start and now inspired, I’ll try to swing by on my way to Walmart (I assume there’s one over there, somewhere) and try myself. In the meantime, Gideon’s made a damn good start.

UPDATE: In view of the conflicting comments by readers as to the merits of this building I thought I’d let the rest of you decide. Here are two before and after shots: you decide – my vote’s for “before”.

As originally designed

As built


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26 responses to “Gideon accomplishes what I’ve been too lazy to do

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Dummy, you have an iPhone… do a panning video!

  2. Gee, I kinda like the design. Sets itself apart, in a good way.

    As for having yet another CVS in town, they draw people, and lots of them. We’ve become a society of pill poppers, CVS knows it, and takes the Starbucks mentality that you should never have to go more than five blocks to find one. Plus, they are about the only store to carry fresh boxes of Jujyfruits for us cheapskate movie goers who cheat the system and bring in our own. Speaking of movies, saw both Lincoln and Skyfall, the new 007 flick. Never will Daniel Craig be James Bond. Never. And please bring back to life John Wilkes Booth so he can shoot the casting misfit who decided Sally Field would be perfect for the part of Mary Todd Lincoln. Yikes.

  3. Anonymous

    I like it, better than the usual faux colonial bank buildings. Here is a brochure I found on google with some pictures:

  4. Anonymous

    Time will tell how it ages, but it’s a pretty cool and bold structure. Plus, having the CVS there has been a terrific convenience for the area (in which I live).

  5. InfoDiva

    Have to agree with the other posters. It was a challenging building site, to say the least, and the architect took a risk. I think the building works. And it’s far better than the empty hole that we had to drive by for ten years or so after BMW gave up.

  6. Fred2

    What did they to do the 2-3 story hole underneath?

  7. I live right by it, and it is convenient. Who would think a contemporary CVS??

  8. AJ Nock

    It sure beats looking at that hole in the ground for so many years. And you are no Howard Roark…

  9. Think twice…this could ruin your camera…
    Does his still work ?

  10. Cobra

    As commented on Gideon’s blog…”Convenient location relative to WestConn and Varmax…both also contributory to one’s health.”

  11. Anonymous

    I like the big swoop on the Rte 1 side. Thank you, Mr. Fareri, for another improvement to our townscape.

  12. Anonymous

    On Friday after work you drive to Varmax for your liquid medication.
    On Saturday morning you drive to CVS for Advil…but first stopping at State Line deli for an egg & cheese w/tomato on a sesame bagel and a large coffee, and picking up the dry cleaning next door for your lazy wife who’s too busy taking private pilates classes and sleeping with Sven the Norwegian tennis instructor.
    But that’s ok, since Inga the Norwegian nanny lives in Putnam Green across the street, and she happens to like egg & cheese bagels…
    Hey, it’s a lifestyle!

  13. dogwalker

    I’m with you, CF. And the view from the road exiting the Transfer Station is even worse . . . just ghastly.

  14. Anonymous

    Huge improvement over the ghastly riverside strip mall. Somebody please nuke that place. Bums me out every time I visit Tod’s Point.

  15. pulled up in OG

    Looks like a BMW dealership.

  16. expensive building

    looking at yrs to pay for this one.

  17. Georgie

    I abhor the lighted CVS sign at night. Also, hate the lighted sign at Chase Bank in Cos Cob. P&Z should pay attention to this blight that shows up at night.

  18. Greenwich Gal

    Sorry EOS – but Daniel Craig rocks as James Bond! I think he is fabulous and I totally buy him as a secret agent. I like that he is muscular and serious and to me believable – as much as you can believe any of that stuff.
    Also – I love the town dump book barn. Big fan.

  19. Fred2

    Still curious. What did they do with the hole? They have a underground parking, a *HUGE* basement, or they are renting a new bomb shelter?

    Or did they, excuse me while I snicker, fill it with rocks?

  20. GG: I think more people agree with you. Alas, as a near-old fogie, I’m in the Sean Connery generation – perfection as James Bond.

  21. Looks like a cruise ship docked at Pier 42.

  22. Anonymous

    It’s the Love Boat.

    Hey Isaac, fix me a gin & tonic, will ya? Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go pick up my viagra from Doc Bricker.

  23. Anonymous

    i love dogwalker’s response–commenting on the horrendous view of the building after leaving…the town dump. oh the horror!