Executed contract reported

11 Will Merry Lane, already reported as having an accepted offer, has moved to “executed contract”, meaning all contingencies – financing, inspection, etc. have been met, so barring an earthquake or Sandy’s return, a closing is pretty-much assured. Last asking price was $2.5 million and this will presumably sell for less than that. 545 days ago the owners asked $3.650, so that didn’t work out so well.

Good land, comprised of two level acres with a pool and tennis court. There’s significant impact from the Merritt Parkway in its backyard and the house itself, while seemingly well built, could easily swallow a half million in renovations, from a new kitchen to a complete rearrangement of the master bedroom area upstairs. All that said, if this sells for, say, the high 1’s or low 2’s, someone could be all in for a decent price, and that highway noise might be more easily ignored.

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    I have not been to this house, but for some reason, the Merritt is alot louder than 95. You can be pretty close to 95 and not hear it. A lot of Millbrook is close, as in some of the Hamilton Avenue area, and I never hear 95 there. On the other hand, houses near the Merritt and those a fair distance away are within earshot of the noise. Not everyone of course will look at a house with highway noise. One of the first houses in Greenwich that we looked at was a beautiful home like this right on the Merritt. My husband wanted to jump. I did not like the location. We bought a much less grand home on a very quiet street far away from the Merritt and the main roads so we never hear noise from the street.