Not every Old Greenwich home is living up to the assessor’s expectations

That sinking feeling (representative photo – your view may differ)

20 West End Avenue, assessed (70% estimated market value) at $1,000,000, sold after a year on the market for $730,000. The sellers originally priced it at $1.150 which was close enough to that assessed value as to seem reasonable, but this was a back, very narrow lot and its 1912 construction must have seemed daunting to most buyers, notwithstanding its listing description as a “lovely traditional colonial with expensive marsh views”. Go figure.


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8 responses to “Not every Old Greenwich home is living up to the assessor’s expectations

  1. OGborn

    Jeez, that lemon chiffon paint job and early Sears hanging light fixture just kicked my appetite for a Sweet Sam’s buttercream cupcake. Damn.

  2. Guest

    Looked like a good buy and a nice house from the listing, but brokers told me that it was an awful house. Not sure I understand it, but took their cue and did not look at it.

  3. anonymous

    Built in 1912 and it survived Hurricane Sandy, but I heard there will be bulldozers on their way soon.

  4. stranger

    expansive, surely?

  5. AJ

    That salt marsh, or bog as CF probably prefers to call it, that sits behind the OG school has drainage channels cut into it, so it’s very likely that at high tide you can walk to the edge of your property and dip your toe in salt water. You could also probably drag a kayak or canoe over to the main stream that flows out from behind the school and flows into the creek. The water that comes out of that pipe is the stream at Innis Arden, over behind the Food Mart. It runs under the center of OG and exits at the back of the schoolyard in the reeds. Where else are you going to get that for under a million dollars?

  6. AJ

    There’s no such thing as saltwater mosquitoes; there are, however those nasty little biting, saltwater gnats that like to hang out at the OG Yacht Club. As far as the Riverside Yacht Club, I’ve only been there a couple of times, so I wouldn’t know.