Post-Sandy washout?


Reader XXYYZZY points out that 5 Bridle Path Lane in Riverside which sold last August to David Huffinpuffer and his antique wife for $5.599 million, is back on today, asking $6.295. There’s no reason to think that the Sandy storm surge dampened their enthusiasm for building on this site – it’s pretty high above the water- but something has clearly brought about a change in plans. Maybe it’s as simple as David concluding that Riverside waterfront property, even a lot that overlooks Cathy Lee’s wrecked dock, has increased $700,000 in just a couple of months. Or something.

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  1. AJ

    FEMA, still doing a heck of a job even without Brownie. Government’s idea of help:

    NJ: Demolish Homes Immediately or Pay $2,000 per Week
    “This weekend, Joe Biden visited this oceanfront community in Ocean County, but local residents, some who saw their homes for the first time, were also greeted by demolition notices.

    Dated November 13th, one noticed by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous, stated “Your structure has possible structural of footing failures.”

    It went on to say the structure would be demolished by November 30, 2012, just 17 days from the notice. The order allowed the residents to request a hearing, but also threatened by fines of up to $2,000 per week if they did not comply with the order and fix their homes before the 30th…