Fun with statistics


How much is that dog in the rear window?

40 Indian Field Road reports an accepted offer and its listing shows just 22 days on the market and an original asking price of $775 . All that’s good news for the seller, and the listing agent did nothing wrong, played no games here, but because the house was off the market from late May until November its actual history won’t go into the data base when Greenwich real estate sales are complied. In fact, this property sold for $765,000 in 2008, the owners installed a new kitchen and baths, refinished the floor and painted, then placed it for sale at $975,000 in May, 2010. As noted, that listing expired last May so the clock’s been reset and we no longer will know that the actual days on market were 753 and the original price was 20% higher than the last asking price.

So be careful when viewing statistics from our GAR.


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4 responses to “Fun with statistics

  1. D

    Perfect subtitle on that pic – what a dog that house is and on such a terrible street to boot.

    • Well, snappy picture caption notwithstanding, I disagree with you as to the merits of the house. Busy street, for sure, but I’ve been working with a couple of young couples in the under-a-million range and know the inventory: it’s thin and most of it’s awful. This house is selling for what the owners paid for it but included in that price is a new kitchen and new baths, so that’s a pretty good value. An absolute screaming steal? Mmmmm, no, but it strikes me as fair value. Everything else I’ve seen in this price range is a tear-down while this one isn’t.

  2. Anonymous

    Thought the pic was a joke. That went for $775. I have a bridge for sale too with a line around the corner. Hurry, houses are going fast.

  3. Cos Cobber

    You are absolutely correct about this one CF. The sub $1MM inventory is terribly thin and full of worse choices than this one. The angle on this one is to learn to love people playing golf and ignore the road.