Holiday closings

At least as of 9:20 (still ten minutes to go) there are only a dozen open houses on the tour today and all are repeats. I’ll save the gas.

82 Glenville Road (leaves are probably no longer there this November)

I did notice two houses that offer some insight into where prices are these days, 82 Glenville Road and 43 Richmond Hill, both of which have been looking for buyers for a long time. Nothing particularly wrong with either, but their less-than-ideal locations wouldn’t support their original asking prices, so they’ve sat.

82 Glenville sold new in 2002 for $3 million and was put up for sale again in 2011 for $3.875. After 427 days on the market that price has been reduced to $2.495 which, while it may still not be the clearing price, illustrates what’s happened to prices of houses in this area.

43 Richmond Hill Road sold for $4.9 million in 2006, was put up for sale for $5.495 in 2010 and the owners will now accept $4.395 (and probably less, I would think).


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7 responses to “Holiday closings

  1. D

    Symptomatic of Western Greenwich real estate? The less attractive the market, the harder they get hit in down times as people who would have looked there – can afford better.

  2. anonymous

    Who paints all these spec house living rooms gray and fills them with generic gray furniture? Also I like they way the blurb on the Richmond Hill listing suggests smoking cigars on the balcony. Nothing like knowing your (former) market.

  3. anonymous

    I happen to love Richmond Hill Road, but the claim that it is 6 mins to Greenwich Ave is just ridiculous!

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe the house comes with a helicopter?