Malloy begs Republicans: help me hide this mess

We owe THAT much? Time for a little bipartisanship here!

After ignoring them while ramming through his tax hikes/sweetheart union deal last budget, Governor Malloy now wants the Republicans to provide him the political cover he’ll need to pass more taxes. Good luck with that, Dannel – something has to give here, either in this budget ($375 million in the red) or next ($1 billion deficit already predicted, and growing). Those union contracts that were supposed to be reopened after 2010’s tax hike and never were? That sounds like a good place to start, if a Democrat governor is permitted to do so by his union bosses.

How about cutting spending? Well we have a $20 billion budget now, thanks to Democrat largess, half of which is spent by just three social services agencies: the Department of Social Services itself ($5.8 billion), Department of Education ($2.9 billion), and the Department of Developmental Services ($1 billion) which, by the way, provides services for the retarded and does not, as one might expect from its eponymous name, have anything to do with developing our state’s economy. Look for increases, not spending cuts in this half of the budget.

So what’s left? Plenty, to my eye, nothing but essential services to Democrats. They run the show and always will until Bill Gaston gives Fairfield County permission to secede.


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28 responses to “Malloy begs Republicans: help me hide this mess

  1. Balzac

    Connecticut is a wonderful place to live. It’s also an economic failure. Giant deficit, record indebtedness, greatly underfunded pensions, no job growth: these are the fruits of Democrat governance. Tax, spend and elect.

    It’s the state version of the coming attraction starring the celebrity activist Barack Obama. At the Federal level over the next years, we’ll see anti-business, redistributionist policies. The economic results will be giant deficits, continuing unemployment, higher taxes and crushing debt. All this misery, entirely predictable, will be blamed on……free enterprise capitalism and rich people.

  2. Anonim

    I come from a socialistic country and the socialists never stop spending until the country goes bankrupt.
    Socialism rewards bureaucrats, entrepreneurs go abroad and the poor get poorer.
    Socialism equals corruption and it makes daily life miserable.

  3. Malloy, and Mr. EOS’s other least favorite governor, Linc Chaffee of RI, both went to his alma mater Andover. Hubby is rethinking his donations. While Malloy is ruining the economic future of CT, Chaffee is trying to one-up him, just back from an economic development trip to France. Meanwhile, while at the Hess station buying my lottery ticket, I read in a newspaper at the checkout counter that wealth is now being amassed in the middle of America – North Dakota, especially. Cold winters are good for the skin. I’m ready.

  4. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    I know one thing that they won’t do – layoffs. Our Governor made a four year “no layoff” pledge as part of his 2011 deal with the unions that was supposed to generate $1.6 billion in savings over two years. What a coincidence that the combined shortfall for this fiscal year and next almost exactly matches what he was supposed to have received in return from the unions. I wonder how many of those “wage, pension and work rule concessions” that were supposed to generate the savings have actually been implemented.

  5. Reader

    Spending rose 7.2% in 2012, from $19.1B in 2011 to $20.5B in 2012. Funny, isn’t it, that the article doesn’t mention that.

    Taxes up and Spending up, just like basket cases California and Illinois.

  6. I’m as big a fan of small government as they come, and I certainly don’t like to see a big tax hike, but what do you make of this chart:

    It shows per capita spending in CT staying flat. I guess spending containment is a start. But I guess the answer is we’ll believe these estimates when we see them actually happen in the next 2-3 years.

    Here is NJ’s chart by contrast, they are set up for declining spending per capita:

  7. Cos Cobber

    Look for Malloy to underfund the pension system yet again and push some DOT any other big ticket capital projects into a future tax year. Meanwhile he’ll issue a talking points memo about the ruinous state Rell and the decade old democratic super majority legislature left him in. Whoops, stratch the legislature part and just talk about Rell.

  8. Anonymous

    Spencer in simple numbers since 1990 Ct. budget has gone from 7Bil to 21Bil and our population has remained pretty much the same.

  9. Cos Cobber

    Oh wait, duh, he’s just going to issue 1.6B in GO bonds and call it genius.

  10. hmmm

    what was the last company that moved to a northeastern state without payment…the northeast is shrinking and almost nothing will stop that.

    I suspect most large corporations would rather set up shop in a right to work state…that’s just my guess and I am probably wrong..

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you see this? Anyone who has even the most basic understanding of economics – which would include you – can understand if we don’t fix this problem, we are all doomed:

    Your Pal,

  12. Cos Cobber

    hmmm, in defense of the northeast, the region has never been a place companies relocate to for much of its modern existence. this is a place where people bring ideas and create a business from the ground up and when that business gets too big or needs lower costs, moves a portion or all of it elsewhere at some point. the question today is, will those creating businesses move their creative start up skills to other regions and skip the incubation period in the northeast and CT.

    for example, how many major companies where born in the south outside of coca-cola and CNN? i dont mean to discount the significance of the economic growth of the south over the past 30 years, its certainly impressive and meaningful, its just to point out that this dynamic of creation and origination has generally been the hallmark of the northeast, chicago and CA.

  13. Anonymous

    cos cobber- Many medical and healthcare companies started in the South, including Ex. Sen. Frist’s. There are a number of defense and tech companies that started there too. Students go to Duke, UNC, Rice, Emory etc. and stay in the South.

  14. Cos Cobber

    absolutely true anonymous and that certainly will continue at an increasing pace.

  15. AndyD

    Charter Communications and Tronox both relocated to Stamford in just the last year while NBC Sports plans to in 2013. Don’t you guys read the news?

  16. Duh!

    I guess you didn’t get the message, CF, that you’re not suppose ta say “retarded” these days.

    There are plenty of circumlocutions. Why not use one of them, unless you intentionally mean to insult, which, of course, as always, is your perfect right..

    • Don’t like PC and can’t keep up with the semi-annual changes of every word, once acceptable, that is suddenly deemed offensive by one group or another. A paraplegic used to be considered crippled, then disabled and now “differently-abled. He still can’t walk. So come on, praise me for my stubbornness – don’t be niggardly.

  17. hmmm


    i said without payment…tronox was paid to move here last i recall so was starwood hotels or they were given special tax treatment of some sort but i could be wrong please verify…DO YOU READ THE NEWS?

    ubs was out of here and the state gave them 20MM to stay.

    cigna too, again please verify….

    when was the last time a corporation moved to the northeast or decided to set up some kind of plant assembling facility in the northeast?

    most of the companies that are here choose to expand elsewhere usually in right to work states where the people are happy to have work…

  18. hmmm

    charter was paid as well in the form of very nice loan at 2%…

    and white collar moves doesn’t nearly employ the low/mid level skilled worker that you need to have a balanced society so don’t tell me about some chemical company moving to ct but has it’s plant in india or kansas.

    here’s another question:
    when was the last time a corporation not headquartered here said hey let’s set up our new widget mfg plant in ct or the northeast?

    instead you have utx setting up new plants outside of the northeast and I am sure they could get sweetheart deals from the state as well but it’s not worth it i suspect.

  19. Cos Cobber

    hmmmm, you are right about manufacturing – but this has been on going since the early 1970s. the northeast can survive under an anemic manufacturing base, but it cannot survive a white collar migration – which could be on the table in mass in the coming two decades.

  20. Anonymous

    New Charter CEO lived in New Canaan, so he seems to have cut a deal to move to Ct.

  21. AJ

    Larry Hagman has the solution:
    “All Politicians Should Use LSD”

  22. Fred2

    ““All Politicians Should Use LSD” no kidding?

    It’s not like the results could be any less hallucinogenic.

  23. AJ

    I think hagman’s thoughts were that it might help them develop a conscience, but then he must have been hallucinating if he though you could teach demons right from wrong.

  24. Balzac

    EOS: Chafee went to Andover. Mr. EOS, the lucky man, as well. However Malloy went to Westhill High in Stamford. Don’t blame us for more disasters than we deserve.

  25. hmmm


    no it can’t survive unless you consider financially raping fairfield county as “surviving” by hartford because there is no one else to tax except state employees…