More fun with numbers

When there are no interior photos posted, there’s usually a reason beyond mere forgetfulness

651 Steamboat Road, an old two-family last renovated in 1995 and asking $3.695 million, reports an accepted offer. The current listing shows an original asking price of $3.695 million and a DOM of 141. In fact, the place has been for sale since 2008, 1,516 days ago, and once asked $6.4 million.

Just sayin’.


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2 responses to “More fun with numbers

  1. Anonymous

    Well, somebody thought this place was worth that price (God help them).

  2. The times they are a changing

    701 steamboat just closed for $3.5, and that was just after Sandy!!!
    The allure of waterfront fogs the brain. And Steamboat waterfront is an idea whose time has come.
    Have you noticed how status of location on Greenwich Ave has changed. The top is now mundane, and the bottom has the cache (Augie’s Downtowner, McArdles Feed were the hits of their day now replaced by Demolition and Demolition Requests.