A sale and a price cut that may (should) give high-end sellers pause

35 Andrews Farm Rd

35 Andrews Farm Road, asking $6.999 million, reports an accepted offer – yippee! It’s great to see that big money is still on the prowl, buying large Greenwich mansions, but one’s exuberance might be tempered when you learn that this same property sold for $11.2 million in 2005 and has been on the market since February, 2008, when it was listed for $12.5.

Pool by Sigmund Freud?

And while it has yet to find a buyer, 39 Doubling Road will now accept $3.8 million, after being purchased for $6.250 million in 2007 (12 DOM) and being listed since June, 2010, beginning at $5.999. If memory serves, this house has no garage and no remaining FAR allowance to build one – that may not be correct; I haven’t seen it since it was first listed this go around but if so, that’s a deterrent.

But it’s a lot of house for, say, the mid-threes, and again relying on a possibly faulty memory, there are a couple of rooms in the front that could be converted into a garage without losing real living space. If this is in your price range I certainly wouldn’t rule it out based on what I remember – go see it for yourself. Good location, nice, if narrow yard.

Or, if you like the location but not the house itself, Chip Skowron’s place is just up the road around the corner – might be a deal there.


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19 responses to “A sale and a price cut that may (should) give high-end sellers pause

  1. Inagua

    Are you sure about the 2005 price for Andrews Farm? Zillow and Trulia say $7.2 million.

  2. happy

    I believe Andrews Farm property was around 8-12 acres originally and the current owners split the lot and sold off a few acres as a building lot. So they are not into the current property for the original 11ish. Can’t remember what the lot sold for….

    • Happy, the records aren’t at my fingertips but I believe the excess land was sold off before the current owner bought what was left, and this house, for $11.2. Certainly that would jibe with the $12.5 million she asked for it in 2008, but I could be wrong.

  3. Anonymous

    They paid 7.2m on 1/11/2005

  4. Inagua

    Greed and stupidity.

  5. Anonymous

    “Andrews Farm” is a relatively new development created during the bubble years and designed to attract unsophisticated, wealthy out-of-town buyers. Weren’t there some bankruptcy proceedings going on there back in the day?

  6. Oh Well

    Good price on the Doubling Road one. That is a very nice family home.

  7. Matt

    The penis pool is not anatomically correct, it only has one ball. Do you think this could be added along with the garage?

  8. Greenwich Gal

    Oh Well, It is a nice home but the no garage thing is a serious problem. Most people with that kind of money are also going to have nice cars as well that they don’t want to be left to the elements in February. It would cost
    at least a million to craft some type of garage out of what is there.

  9. anonymous

    Is it true that 1333 King St is on the market? The owner was at P and Z complaining about the town property being used for the ambulance and now the town is going to spend tax payer money to plant a buffer and move the driveway to shut the guy up. If he doesn’t like looking at the house or the proposed trailer, he should plant his own buffer instead of expecting the town to do it.


  10. Balzac

    39 Doubling is an extraordinary house that makes you think of Beverly Hills 1930s. You can’t walk in it without a big smile. It also is a great price. For someone with a little creativity and artistic sensibility it’s a great deal.

  11. Another Reader

    I am sure the owner of the Andrews Farm Road house wanted to put the soap opera behind him and move on with his life. He’s still young.

  12. Anonymous

    Doubling Rd. is my house and it has been an awesome family home for my kids. The garage is a no-brainer. Wish I could have done it. We had it priced for $100,000.00 just taking the front bedrooms out and making the entrance directly in from the driveway. Other option is to go underground but that is more, of course. thanks for the nice words Balzac. Wish me luck.

    • It is a great house, and I was just joking about that swimming pool which from the air looks like ….
      More than wishing you luck, I’ll try to sell it for you. Your home is beautiful.

  13. anonymous

    ctblockshopper tells you who lives where. so much for anonymous.


  14. Anonymous

    The current house on Andrews Farm was never purchased for $11M. It sold at 7.2 for four acres (the other 8 acres were bought by a developer). I should know, it’s still my house. And, yes, it would be nice to leave the soap opera behind- for both sellers. When it was priced at 12M, the “still young” husband turned down an almost full price offer….. Opportunity missed. Greed and stupidity? Yes.

  15. GWC3

    Doubling has a great indoor pool in the lower level with extroadinary mosaic tiling. My favorite part of the house.