Even a good joke has its limits

Say goodnight, captain

I enjoy a hearty chortle as much as the next man, perhaps more, but the saga of Greenwich harbor master Ian MacMillan  and his battle against Town Hall is wearing thin. His latest of many blow-ups involves the town telling him not to take the town-owned boat out alone in the winter and to stay ashore until spring. 

The town harbor master is crying foul after he was told the town wants to beach his boat for the winter.

Ian MacMillan said he was informed Monday in an e-mail from selectman Dave Theis that the boat — which is owned by the town but provided to MacMillan, a state appointee — should be placed onshore for the winter.

“It is a very difficult turn of events,” a chagrined MacMillan said. “They didn’t consult me on it and they didn’t ask me for my opinion.”

Theis, who said he wrote the email in response to one from MacMillan, said the town’s position is the boat should be on shore.

“For safety and liability reasons, we don’t want him alone out on the water in the winter,” said Theis, who expressed a concern about MacMillan falling overboard with no one around. “We don’t feel it is really necessary for him to be out there all winter by himself.”

I was amused when Greenwich Democrat Chairman Francis Fuddyrucker persuaded his friend the Governor to appoint MacMillan harbor master so as to thwart rival Peter Tesei’s plan to appoint another candidate. Jollity all around – even Fuddyrucker’s second-in-command Bill Gastric almost cracked a wan, tentative smile – and after all, Ian’s a nice guy, the job pays all of six hundred bucks a year and how much trouble can a man get into corralling buoys and scraping barnacles?

The answer remains “none”, but MacMallan is becoming a pest and a distraction, ordering boat parts without authorization and charging them to us taxpayers, mooring the town boat where he sees fit in contravention of his orders, refusing to send mooring bills to boaters until he has mapped out all four harbors in town and in general making a contentious nuisance of himself at selectman meetings. He’s wasting people’s time and doing no good, despite his good intentions.

I’m no fan of Peter Tesei, for no particular reason except the Dr. Fell reaction he provokes in me,* but I sympathize with him on this matter – the man has better, more important things to attend to. Time to pull the plug on this particular entertainment.

* I do not like thee, Dr. Fell,

The reason why I cannot tell.

But this I know and know full well:

I do not like thee, Dr. Fell.


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6 responses to “Even a good joke has its limits

  1. Balzac

    In Death in the Afternoon by Hemingway, the bull, enraged and confused by the wounds and provocations, tends to return to the corner of the arena where he previously killed a horse as part of the spectacle. The bull triumphed there, so he feels safe, and returns.

    Americans need a legislative solution to the fiscal cliff. This requires meeting with Congressional Republicans. Instead, Obama takes his talking points to some campaign-style rallies, with the crowds. Like the bull, he triumphed in that setting and feels safe.

    Really, is our President smarter than a barnyard animal?

  2. d b kooper

    the day after the storm the harbor master pulled someones trampoline out of the creek ,from his boat. probably “unauthorised”.

  3. anonymous

    Maybe the reason you don’t like Tesei is because former First Selectman Rebecca Breed, who he resurrected from the dustbin of history, to which she was relegated with cause, swore him in:


  4. CatoRenasci

    The original, like the reaction to some people it captures, is considerably older than Tom Brown’s encounter with Dr. Fell:

    Non amo te, Sabidi, nec possum dicere quare;
    Hoc tantum possum dicere, non amo te.

    Martial, c.86 AD

  5. He is a threat.
    He knows what he is doing.
    He is incredibly qualified and speaks his mind.
    He has a mind.
    He can get the State to get Mountain Lion that does not exist to co-captain.
    He and she will enjoy the possum I will cook for them.
    Sabidius did not blush and won…..getting Cicero right:
    ” foes of the state have always been my foes; take care lest you meet with their fate. I attacked them because they were foes to the common weal, but I have never attacked you. Why then this rage against me? ”
    Peter and Ian working together over the next 2 years plus will start to get us back to being a Coastal Community instead of just another revenue generator running on fumes.
    Common weal vote will win……