Hope and chains

You can now enjoy more disposable income while on welfare than if you work all year for $69,000.00. This explains the reelection of Barack Obama by the majority of voters who are on the government teat – self-interest.

Of course, that can only last so long before the wheels fall off but our current politicians and current American spongers will be gone by then, leaving others to suffer from our profligacy.



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9 responses to “Hope and chains

  1. D

    Shockingly out of balance…

  2. Cos Cobber

    What does FF have to say now? Will he blame this on Tesei?

  3. Dollar Bill

    The article you link to also says that those at the top of the pyramid have been robbing the middle class blind for years. That is most certainly true, judging by our tax code, and all the preferences tilted to the rich. Also, leave no poor starving defense contractor behind!

  4. Cos Cobber

    CF, DB is so fixated on the top 1% he ignores the much bigger question which affects far more Americans and that is why should that large chuck of middle america work so hard to have less overall benefits when the bottom can work less and get more?

  5. Dollar Bill

    Why should middle America work so hard to protect agribusiness subsidies, oil subsidies, trillions in bailouts to financial institutions and corporations, massively wasteful Pentagon spending that runs into the billions and billions. The Cato Institute, no hippie outfit, estimated that the Federal government spent $92 billion alone in 2006 on corporate welfare. Tea Party deficit scolds should point their anger up the economic ladder, at the real “moochers,” if they’re going to be remotely honest about out of control “welfare” spending.

  6. Fred2

    Trust me DB, I’m pretty sure we can all come to agree that those subsidies are dumb and should go, and I’m sure you’ll find bi-partisan support on the hill for them.

    All of which just indicates the absolute size of the Fed Gov and it’s over-reach should be gutted, the less of it there is, the less politicians can get their hooks into things and be paid for it and the less bureaucrats can spend and be tied into the bureau-political-lobbying business.

    • I don’t share your optimism, Fred2, that Congress will ever abandon its chief funders or that DB and his ilk will see that big government is the enemy, not the solution.