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I had coffee this morning with Nick Barile and Peter Gow, partners (I think they’re partners) in York Development, which makes fine custom homes here in Greenwich. Joining forces with Peter Gow has allowed the expansion into home renovation projects and now, property management. The latter strikes me as an excellent idea.

Nothing new in the concept, of course, but I’ve been stymied when asked to recommend someone reliable to manage a house when the owner, say, is overseas and renting out his home or an owner-occupier just wants a one-call resource to deal with all the tasks involved in maintaining a house. It’s all very well to get a basic owner’s manual from your building inspector that outlines what should be addressed twice a year – sprinkler system, HVAC, roof gutters, etc.-, what should be looked at once a year and those once-every-five years items like driveway asphalt sealing, painting, and so forth. You know the drill, and it’s a lot to keep up with.

York Residential Management aims to be a one call resource. You pay an annual fee and in return they’ll inspect the home, prepare a maintenance schedule and see that it’s done. They’re the ones who’ll be waiting for the furnace guy to show up, not you, they’re the ones to remember that the roof needs a power washing every five years, etc. If you’re happy with your present service people, no need to change – just like ObamaKare, you can keep your present service – there’s no surcharge for York coordinating their work. If you’re a new homeowner, they can provide people – no mark up- whom they trust.

I represent a couple, first time home owners, who received from their home inspector a 22-item punch list of maintenance items they should pay attention to during their ownership, ranging from minor – grouting and sealing bathroom tiles, for instance, to major – rebuilding a brick stairway entrance that has settled and pulled away from the house. As Nick, Peter and I spoke this morning it occurred to me that my clients would be perfect candidates for this service. What do they know from painters to roofers to masons? I can certainly provide them with names and numbers to call, but do they really want to make all those calls, coordinate the work and then remember to do it all over again next year? Probably not.

As my clients and regular readers of this blog know, I accept no advertising, receive no referral fees from people whose services I recommend and that’s not because of my love for humanity, it’s just good business: if I provide useful, unbiased information to home buyers and owners, they may use my own services. So I’m mentioning Nick Barile and his ventures; building, renovation and now management because I know him to be an excellent builder and reputable person, not because he bought me a coffee this morning (come to think of it, Nick, you stuck me for that buck-eighty). His number is (203)550-3301, York Residential Management, or


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  1. Anonymous

    This is a great idea and I think a good service to many of your readers. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    yes thank you for that link/referral.

  3. I dont do bathrooms

    Got a good bathroom grout guy?