Where were his friends?

Who let Freddy Camillo’s mother dress him for last night’s zoning meeting and why did they allow him to appear in public after she did? (h/t, LK)

It’s not my fault!


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6 responses to “Where were his friends?

  1. anonymous

    He knows. He posted the pic with the question of whether he should throw out the sweater on his Facebook account.

  2. Anonymous

    You gotta problem with Argyle?

  3. Freddie C

    Yeah, you gotta a problem with it? Besides, Chris, all three of my friends, and my dog, were supportive.

  4. Stanwich

    Fred looks dashing as always.

  5. AJ

    The sweater is a prop, and a most clever and devious one at that, designed to affect a subliminal defusing of any anger or hostility that might be directed towards him, and leave you wondering, is this guy a simp or a gimp?