First casualty of the synagogue wars but surely not the last

After Sandy’s storm surge, EVERYONE loves levees

Randy Caravella, owner of the property he hopes to sell to the Greenwich Reform Synagogue, steps down as president of the Cos Cob Association after neighbors and fellow merchants threaten boycott. Word I’m hearing is that the neighborhood’s heating up. Assuming Lou Caravella accepts my sage advice and sells his entire parcel to the synagogue, thus obviating the need for a lot line revision hearing, this matter will fall off the P&Z agenda until a formal application, with plans, is submitted later next year. That won’t stop intra-neighborhood feuding during the winter, of course, so look for a hot conflagration when this comes back around next spring.


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7 responses to “First casualty of the synagogue wars but surely not the last

  1. Westchesterer

    To me this is how the free market should function. Individuals, without the lawful arm of the government, have the ability to form groups in opposition to developments. These groups can leverage their individual relationships and impress upon the seller or buyer of the property the communal view of the situation. They should not have an arm of the government to bid their opposition to such a development. Private property owners should not be subject to a civilian mob law, but they may have to weigh civilian opinion in their decision to knowingly sell a property in which the civilian opinion may disapprove of. Actions have consequences, and if people are unhappy with your actions they can, with their own free will, alter their behavior to reflect their disapproval with you.

    Zoning laws are completely ridiculous and only amount to theft of private property.

  2. Zoning Is Fascism

    CF, you’re aware that a certain temple’s rabbi is related to one of the members on the P&Z? FWIW, the old fart on the P&Z is an archetypical political fascist; the rabbi an emotive liberal… and yet the only thing they appear to agree on is Christmas parties with bacon hors d’oeuvres. Go figure. Never mind winter’s feuding; it’s the potential conflict of interest that may be more entertaining.

  3. Anonymous

    FYI, at the P&Z meeting on Tuesday, the rabbi’s relative disclosed that conflict of interest and excused himself from the room and decision making. So he will not have a vote on it. Go, Cos Cob neighbors!

  4. Anonymous

    I assume Randy and family are moving out of town.

  5. Milan

    Another ugly building in Greenwich.
    Time to leave?

  6. For Sale

    Maybe they can relocate to a fine bldg already available in Hartford. They meet rarely so for 750K, bing, solution. Comes with tradition and a congregation.

  7. Anonymous

    See Wall Street Journal story today (12/10):
    New Synagogue Roils Conn. Town