It’s not driven by a death wish or stupidity, Republicans will vote for more taxes because they want to stay in office

The two major parties are shaping a deal that will raise taxes now and supposedly cut entitlement payments “10-20 years down the road”. Oh, you betcha. Dan Mitchell is not the only conservative commentator to point out that when Republicans go into a negotiating room with Democrats they get the shaft, but after Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Bush fell for the trap and agreed to accept tax hikes in exchange for cuts to be named later and never got the tax cuts (instead, they were pilloried by the Democrats for raising taxes) there is no excuse for Republicans to do so again.

Republicans know this, so why would they tee up the football again? The simplest explanation is also the most obvious. Just like their Democrat counterparts, D.C. Republicans are politicians, first, last and entirely. They are all about getting reelected – indeed, that task consumes them from the morning after their first campaign win to their final day in office, decades later. The current political climate says that you won’t get reelected if you don’t raise taxes on the minority and you won’t get reelected if you cut entitlement spending.

So that’s what they’ll do, hiding their complicity with the “enemy” with loud trumpeting of the cuts to come, about how this time by golly they’re going to get serious about cutting spending, etc. Nothing changes.


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12 responses to “It’s not driven by a death wish or stupidity, Republicans will vote for more taxes because they want to stay in office

  1. The Republicans have zero tread left on their tires. They might as well park their cars in the garage and go home. They have no chance in hell of getting anything. The Dems have painted a Michelangelo masterpiece of the Republican….a white rich racist homophobic misogynist. You and I know that no entitlements will EVER be reduced. That’s a joke.

    Meanwhile, The Entitled One himself will vacation for three weeks in Hawaii over Christmas and New Year. How’s that for hypocrisy?

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall at the Romney-Obama lunch today. I wish Romney would tell Obama to…………………….

  2. Inagua

    EOS is right about the Republicans. They have failed because their central unifying idea of resistance to tax increases is not shared by a majority of the electorate. A majority of the electorate consists of people who have a strong self-interest in government and therefore want higher taxes to feed the golden goose.

    Of course, it will all end badly, and in the meantime, we will stumble along with low growth, low employment participation, and a lower standard of living.

  3. Fred2

    I agree, except given all the huge problems we won’t be stumbling along for very long. This isn’t going to end prettily.

  4. Anonymous

    The biggest problems fiscal conservatives have is they do not know how to “sell” their message. On top of that, they don’t have the medai outlets to help them “sell” thier message. I truly believe their message would resonate with a majority of the public. That message has to be made simple. i.e. tax increases will not cover our spending, 50% of Americans pay no taxes, lower unemployment means more people taxes and not collecting welfare.

    • For so long as people think they can take something they want from someone else without consequence, they will vote for a program and political party that promises to do that for them.
      Not all people, of course, but there are fewer men and women of principle than there are looters.

  5. Peg

    Republicans have screwed themselves because they are the party of small government (purportedly) in fiscal issues – and the party of great intrusiveness in your private life. I am totally convinced they could have won big last election – if not for the latter.

    Now all the rest of us are screwed royally. Will we “hit bottom” and recover? Here’s hoping but who knows?!?!

  6. Cos Cobber

    Why dont the Rep abstain from the vote to permit higher taxes so that Obama owns it. Obama and Malloy want the same thing, to have the Rep buy in on tax increases.

  7. I’m with you CC. Let the Dems own this completely. If the Repub buy in, they are even more buried than they already are. Boehner drives me nuts and I think he brings nothing to the table other than the same old yada-yada. Kind of like Romney. Some loud-mouth but smart R needs to stand up and shout. Where’s Christie on this???

  8. JimP

    Peg has sounded this clarion in the past and she couldn’t be more mistaken. Romney was positively the most liberal candidate Republicans could accept and a non-trivial number (including myself) decided we couldn’t. Romney ran a campaign strictly on the economy and the primary concerns of people like me were again tabled; just without the false promises of Bush II.

    The fact is fiscal pragmatists like Peg need social/fiscal conservatives like myself. We don’t need her. What have Republicans actually done for people concerned about the stability of families or importation of unassimilable 3rd worlders? Nada. FOR DECADES.

    As Chris I believe noted, Linda McMahon got her posterior handed to her despite running as absolutely far to the left and still be able to hold the title Republican.

    If the stupid party wants to become the new four letter word that’s fine, I’m walking and millions of votes are walking with me.

    Try building a coalition when that happens.

  9. hmmm

    christie is looking for his 30 billion to repair nj didn’t u see the display with him and bho before the election, he’s not saying anything!

  10. Anonymous

    At the risk of angering his base, House Speaker John Boehner opened the fiscal cliff negotiations with an immediate offer to raise taxes on the wealthy — maybe not raise them in the way Obama would like (tax-rate increase), but raise them nonetheless.
    In response, yesterday, Obama offered an intentional insult that demands nearly a trillion dollars in immediate tax increases, $600 billion in tax increases to come later, but in return Obama offered only the promise of $400 billion in spending cuts next year, a promise we all know Obama will never keep.

    As if that wasn’t insulting enough, Obama also demanded $50 billion in new stimulus (because the first one worked so well), “an extension of unemployment insurance, a one-year deferral of the sequester, new money to refinance underwater mortgages, a Medicare-doctor fix . . . and a partridge in a pear tree.”

    Oh, and Obama wants to bypass Congress when it comes to increasing the debt ceiling. He wants the power now to increase it by any amount he desires.

    The thing is, though, Obama isn’t just sticking his finger in the eye of House Republicans with this offer. He’s also laughing his butt off at the mainstream media:

    I can do any damn thing I want: I can screw up the BP oil spill. I can screw up Hurricane Sandy relief. My economic policies can fail. My illegal guns can result in dozens if not hundreds of murders. I can send out my U.N. ambassador to all of your Sunday shows to lie about a terrorist attack; and now I can sail us all over the fiscal cliff — and you know what? You jerk-offs in the media will never-ever-ever make me pay a political price, because I own you body and soul.

    The media sold every ounce of their integrity to elect and then re-elect Barack Obama, and now they’re tethered to his fate. If Obama fails, they fail. So even when he fails, they have to gin up the Orwellian Machine to say he didn’t.

    And Obama knows this — knows he has check-mated the media.

    When a politician knows he or she has absolutely nothing to fear from the media, this is what you get: a stagnant economy, failed and incompetent policies that result in actual deaths, deficits so large that just a few years ago they seemed unimaginable, the most divisive re-election campaign of our lifetimes, and the kind of megalomania required to make the fiscal cliff offer Obama just did.

    Because no matter what, Obama knows the media will cover for him, and when the media covers for you, that’s just enough of an advantage to get you to 51%.

    I don’t care what letter comes after the name, Republic or Democrat, a sitting president who doesn’t fear the media is an absolutely terrifying prospect.

  11. Balzac

    The Geithner/Obama plan is for the US House of Reps to permanently relinquish their right to approve the US debt ceiling. It would be suicide for America’s economy, if the party-that-can-do-math consents to this liberal power-grab.