One contract of interest today

And even that’s probably of interest only to my clients and I me (and the parties themselves, of course), because we know what we bid for 34 Bote Road, which now reports an executed contract. The property started at $2.795 million back in September, 2011, a price which possibly reflected the owner’s confusion about valuing this as a two-lot parcel (legally it is; practically, we didn’t think so), dropped down to $2 million by the end of its one-year listing term and dropped to $1.750 million when it was picked up by a new broker. My clients moved on to another property they preferred, long ago, and now the seller has found another buyer. A happy ending for all, I suppose – certainly my clients are convinced they came out ahead.


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11 responses to “One contract of interest today

  1. Just_looking

    Why not note what you bid was (i know you RE people call it an offer) and when?

  2. Anonymous

    God it’s ugly
    Must be gold in the dirt

    • What it is, is .09 acres of very nice land. Forget the old house. The disagreement between the seller and us had to do with valuing that land – highest price for new a house on Bote was $3 million, so that kind of ruled out his valuation of $2.7+. Presumably, its final selling price will be lower than that.

  3. Anonymous

    i hope someone builds something lovely and big there – its a great street to live on

  4. anonymous

    … to my clients and me. to my clients and (to) me. not to I. to me. to my clients and me.

  5. Peckerhead

    .09 acre or .9 acre?

  6. Anonymous

    What ever happened to that spec house on Bote?
    Seemed to come off the market a year or so ago, but no info on zillow regarding a sale.
    Looked like a great home inside and out.
    And, will 309 Taconic ever find a buyer?
    Sooner or later 13,000 sq ft, geothermal heating and an indoor 25 meter pool becomes attractive right?
    I mean, especially for a Stanwich member
    Wake up hungover in that wine cellar, sober up in the pool, have breakfast warming in the oven upstairs (private chef/trophy wife)
    And stroll over to the wich and have Henry send you out to play a few.
    (Could you tell I’m a dreamer)

    • The spec house sold for $3 million last Spring. 309 Taconic I’m drawing a blank on
      The Bote house was built by that Irisman who left his native land and $500 million (or so) in debt behind.Perhaps he kept the sale quiet so as not to stir up the hounds.

  7. Anonymous

    500 million in debt!
    I mean, I know it’s possible and banks allow it, but it takes balls.