One last sale reported, snuck in at the closing bell

79 William St

79 William St

79 William Street (parallel to Rt. One, near the hospital), new construction, sold for $1.875 million. For someone who’d prefer to live in town, this makes a great deal of sense to me. Brand new, well made, convenient to everything especially, if the buyers are older down-sizers, the hospital’s emergency room.


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6 responses to “One last sale reported, snuck in at the closing bell

  1. Guest

    The before pictures are on Zillow:

    Not clear if they actually took the old house down or just rebuilt it from the pictures. Looks like maybe they did a BIG RENOVATION, gutting the whole house but leaving the basic frame intact.

  2. Anonymous

    good lordy we looked at that house back when it was a definite fixer upper, as well as one around the corner on northfield. that’s one helluva massive pile of cash the builder sunk into the re-do. looks nice, but 1.8 mil? you gotta be %^$#!@! kidding me! sure bodes well for the future, or the future will find that buyers at 1.8 got fleeced. wow. i’m really blown away at 1.8. damn good job finding a buyer at that, whoever brought that in.

  3. I can understand empty-nesters moving there and not even blinking at the price-tag. Sell a bigger home. Need to re-invest. Walk to town. All brand new. But what confuses me is the strange selling pricing strategy before this new build was built. Looks like someone was trying to sell the OLD version for a huge hunk of change, then came to their senses and took $600,000 and ran. Look at the 2008 price versus the photos Guest posted.

    1/23/2011 Sold $600,000
    10/08/2011 Pending sale $663,800
    08/09/2011 Listed for sale $663,800
    04/02/2011 Listing removed $900,000
    07/23/2010 Price change $900,000
    02/12/2010 Price change $1,000,000
    10/03/2009 Price change $1,200,000
    03/22/2009 Listed for sale $1,400,000
    02/09/2009 Listing removed $1,700,000
    08/13/2008 Listed for sale $1,700,000

  4. MarkD

    We looked at this place several months ago, and thought $2m was a little steep then. Now we are kicking ourselves for not putting in an offer. We liked the quality house, its on a quiet street, close to town and was just under $2m. There are only 3 that we considered comparable in terms of location and quality: 1 on Lake at 2.2m (busy street), another on Lake (also busy street and they wanted $3m!!), and one on Millbank at 2.3m (busy street and across from a graveyard). Not much to choose from.

  5. dogwalker

    They took the old house down . . . I don’t know about the foundation . . . but it was flat to the ground before the started building again.

  6. Anon

    detached garage and a narrow strip of land..but you can’t get that sq in Riverside for that price!