Shocker: prostitutes found at massage parlor

Up in Darien. The only thing newsworthy about this story is the revelation that our state police and the Department of Homeland Security joined the local cops in rousting a couple of whores and their pimps. The Homeland Security  bureaucracy should never have been created in the first place and should be abolished in its entirety now, but it’s informative to see just how exactly it’s wasting its employees’ time and our money. And shouldn’t state troopers be out on the highway looking for speeders? Dumb.

On the other hand, here’s what cops should be doing: home invaders captured. These are the guys who hit a Round Hill Road residence, among others, and I’ve read that burglars willing to storm inside a house when its owners are present are the most dangerous of their type. Makes sense to me. Greenwich police were part of the investigation that included the FBI and other forces because of the multi-jurisdictional reach of this gang. Good for the cops. Darien police presumably couldn’t participate because they were busy conducting round-the-clock surveillance of that Korean pud-tugging place in their own town.


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15 responses to “Shocker: prostitutes found at massage parlor

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Was this your rub & tug by any chance? I can refer you to a backstop if you need one. Madam Dongs Ruv You Rong Time on Spring Street in Stamford. Tell them I sent you and you will save 10%. They think my name is Chris Fountain for some reason so use that.

    But the proprietor’s name of this place was Fux U. How do you name your little gook that, and not expect them to be destined to run a toss off toy box?

    And did you look at these ladies? That is a hard 43. Does yanking the crank really age you that much? You must look like 90.

    Your Pal,

  2. Just the Facts!

    Chris, Might want to hold the applause on the home invasion police work. Looks like Harrison PD botched the case big time and it appears they will probably get conspiracy to commit burglary as opposed to more serious sentencing. Also, Harrison PD shot one of the suspects who was unarmed at the time. His lawyers should have a field day with this and even after a brief stint in jail he will probably be awarded big bucks from the wrongful shooting….JTF!

  3. ajnock

    Your kidding me…some guys PAID (!) to have sex with these women?

  4. GPD Folk

    Good Grab and a very interesting and compelling story about the whole investigation conducted by GPD who your readers will be proud to hear “broke the case”……..not sure I believe JTF’s version of the outcome…The Ct. charges are pretty bulletproof…

  5. The Duke of Deception

    Darien is a cesspool– just ask the New Canaan football team.

  6. Just the Facts!

    GPD Folk…..circumstantial evidence at best. Harrison Police telegraphed the arrest ahead of time and when they finally moved in they found none of the stolen items. If you don’t catch them in the act and don’t find the stolen items in their possession it’s conspiracy at best. Remember, these are hardened multi-generational professional criminals that have been in business since the late 80’s. Police need to be at their “A” game to nail these types of criminals…JTF!

  7. GPD Folk

    The Ct. cases will put them in jail for a while.

  8. Cos Cobber

    Dude, this Darien place was so obvious, its ridiculous. I’m up in Darien from time to time and happen to eat at Burger/Shake/Fries one day when I watch this parlor, which is next door, close up shop for the evening. They made no effort to change out of their “uniforms” when climbing into their van. All the clothes were completely inappropriate unless you were selling sex. This particularly stood out in lily white family oriented Darien.

  9. Cos Cobber

    In fishnet stockings, wigs, mini skirts and big boots…and extra make up?

  10. Anonymous

    With “ladies” like Sandra Fluke so prevalent these days, I don’t know how these massage parlors even manage to stay in business anymore. Hard-working women just trying to put food on the table can’t hardly compete with what’s increasingly abundant and free!

  11. Just_looking

    Four month investigation resulted,in two charges of prostitution. Some use of resources. The other charges of unlicensed anything should have taken about a day to put together.