UN out of US, now

Palestinians recognized as a state. “I promised we’d have 57 states” President Barack Hussein Obama crowed from the steps of the Emily Litella School of International Diplomacy after the vote, “and this is the first down payment on that pledge. Next year, in Jerusalem.”

The vote will not immediately end the Palestinians’ six-decade wait for independence and will not give them a vote at the UN. But it will enable them to join the International Criminal Court and potentially prosecute Israelis for war crimes, and seek rulings on territorial disputes at the International Court of Justice.


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15 responses to “UN out of US, now

  1. anon

    Does anyone else find it strikingly odd that our US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, is silent on this topic? Where is she?

  2. AJ Nock

    Emily Litella? You are dating yourself.

  3. CatoRenasci

    The Birchers were right about the UN 50 years ago, probably about impeaching Earl Warren, too.

    Thank God we didn’t end up with the UN here in Greenwich – where they wanted to live and work on a palatial estate campus in the back country

  4. The Mickster

    So now the rest of the world is wrong. Grow up and move on and maybe read some non-US media.

    I don’t have ‘a dog in the fight’ but feel I know enough to know that most Americans have been misled by the mainstream US media.

    Talk to some moderate Israelis to get their perspective.

  5. Milan

    Building illegal settlements is not the way to peace.

    • Since the Palestinians and the rest of their neighbors have vowed there will be no peace until Israel is wiped off the face of the earth, what would pulling back from the west bank accomplish? See Gaza, relinquishing of.

  6. Milan

    I think that the Abbas Palestine agrees about two states.
    The Israelis left Gaza because of the heavy casualties they suffered during the occupation.

  7. Dollar Bill

    The Israeli position on settlements and a future Palestinian state basically boils down to “let us negotiate the size of the pizza while I eat the pizza.”. Is it any wonder the rest of the world isn’t falling for this con job any longer?

  8. The Mickster

    Exactly DB – see the announcement today on E1

  9. Milan

    Israel authorizing 3000 new settler homes.

  10. db

    One upon a time I wrote a paper on the divisions between European Jews and Arab Jews in Israel. My conclusion, and this was 20 some years back, was that if peace was ever reached between Israel and its neighbours, the country would probably go through a civil war without a common enemy.

    To update, with the Arab non-Jew population growing much faster than the Jewish, within the next 20 years there will be interesting times no matter what happens with the Palestinians. I should add that pissing off a growing section of the electorate usually isn’t good politics (might see some similarities in the last US Presidential election).