Can’t improve on this headline

Just when we thought we'd put the Beatles behind us ...

Just when we thought we’d put the Beatles behind us …

NOTHING SAYS SEXY LIKE menswear designed by Yoko Ono.

From InstaPundit, naturally


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3 responses to “Can’t improve on this headline

  1. AJ

    Nice stuff. Will the Brant brothers be jealous or buy the entire collection?

  2. TraderVic

    Funniest headline ever. Love AJ’s comment too.

  3. Anonymous

    If she can convince a musical genius like John to buy into her Plastic Ono Band concept, one would think she’s got some skill in selling. Don’t forget – Eric Clapton somehow got suckered into that deal too! We all may be astonished to find how many $200 jockstraps that pint-sized woman can move. (BTW – if you’re ever at Hard Rock Cafe in Manila, look for her plaid pants on display next to the bar – my first guess was that they belonged to a member of the Romper Room gang)