Christmas festival in Cos Cob a hit

Cos Cob Nativity scene

Cos Cob Nativity scene

Everyone turned out for the first annual Christmas Party – Pub Crawl in Cos Cob Saturday night and a good time was had by all. The highlight was the awarding of the “Best Decorated Home” winner, selected and judged by Freddie “Argyle” Camilo. “We went for the traditional look”, Camillo explained to FWIW, “something that captured both the spirit of Christmas and the essence of Cos Cob. This home, and particularly the snow blower figurine, does that perfectly.”


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7 responses to “Christmas festival in Cos Cob a hit

  1. Aaah, yes, and Merry Holiday to you as well. GT editors must have gotten the memo: do not use the word Christmas ever again. They make reference to the holiday decor, the holiday tree, the holiday merriment, the holiday boutique, the holiday music, the red and green holiday attire, and the holiday Santa hat. I wonder if Santa got his costume at Holidays R Us?!

  2. AJ

    Cannot be named for the same reason that the eye cannot see itself and the hand cannot grasp itself, or that once the subject is named it becomes an object? I did not know the GT was into Zen.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Can you believe they are already showing “It’s A Wonderful Life”? I watched it last night. And yes, it made me cry like a little bitch. Zuzu gets me every time. And you forget what a hottie Donna Reed was. She was totally spankable.

    Anyhows, I was thinking we could do a rewrite and modernize it. Why not? They remake everything else. You can play the hapless, simpleton George Bailey character. A befuddled young man who doesn’t realize how lucky he is. It will be based in Greenwich, so we will rename your character as Biff Winklevoss. Working title is “Gilded Rectum”. We will try and get Steph to play the Mary Bailey part. SWEET!!

    Potter is easy. The role was made for the GAR Evil Princess. Of course, I will play Clarence. I was born for the part. Martini? Anyone from Cos Cob. The cab driver, who was Dobie Gillis’s father in real life, can be played by Francis.

    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

  4. PC Circus Clown

    LMAO: in one nearby town tonight residents are about to celebrate the lighting of the Holiday Tree on the grounds of the Town-owned park. Simultaneously, the Rotary Club has permission in that same town owned park to sell ChristmasTrees!

  5. Menorahs must now be renamed Holiday Candelabra, or Candelabrum, depending.

  6. dogwalker

    Oh, that Holiday Candleabra is very good, Greg! May I use it?